Yankees Are In LAST Place

(Everyone quick, point your fingers and laugh at the Yankees)

And yes, when you have the highest payroll in the game, by FAR, that is totally newsworthy. Sure, it’s only 19 games, and there are 143 to go, but all be damned if this ain’t makin’ the Yankees sweat. How long before Mt. Saint Steinbrenner blows?I want to do a little comparison here…because I can. Taking a look at the 2007 MLB team payrolls:


  1. Red Sox 12-7, $143 million (2nd)
  2. Orioles 11-9, $95 million (10th)
  3. Blue Jays 10-10, $80 million (17th)
  4. Devil Rays 9-11, $24 million (30th)
  5. Yankees 8-11, $195 (1st)

Yes, (insert joke about entire Devil Rays roster being cheaper than A-Rod, and almost less expensive than Jeter and Pettitte).

Talk about some serious bang for your buck, the Devil Rays are 1/8 the price of the Yankees, and they have a better record!

And as my dad likes to point out, the price for Roger Clemens goes up by the day. I’m guessing it’s around a cool half-mil for every starter who doesn’t get out of the fifth inning. By the time the Yanks are done dealing, it’ll be a $220 million team.

*I still am confident the Yanks will be in the playoffs, no panic button here. But it’s always fun to play with Yankee fans when they’re struggling, just like the way they mess with A-Rod’s head.

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  • http://zachls.blogspot.com The Big Picture

    the other irony is that A-rod is on the huuuuge tear, yet the team isn’t winning. when he was the fucking outcast, the team was pretty good.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I KNOW!! That’s is the greatest irony, it all doesn’t matter with them losing

  • http://mylifeandredsox.wordpress.com/ Derek

    Oh how sweet it is !!!

    You know I think A-Rod is having such a good year because he has made his mind up on the option and has a clear head but thats just my opinion