Dwyane Wade’s flagrant foul on Darren Collison was his latest in a series of dirty plays (Video)

Dwyane Wade is making it more and more evident that he’s a dirty player, and his actions on Tuesday only confirmed that opinion. Early in the fourth quarter of Game 2 between the Pacers and Heat, Wade forcefully shoved Darren Collison who was free on a fast break. Wade really ran into Collison as if he were a safety chasing down a receiver and trying to make a tackle. It was unnecessary and excessive physical contact on Collison, and he received a flagrant 1 foul for the play.

The NBA could choose to review the play and make it a flagrant 2 foul — which is what it should be. Wade should have been ejected for the dirty hit on Collison, but he wasn’t, probably because Darren recovered from it. You’ll see very quickly how much the NBA prioritizes fairness and objectivity with its rulings by what they do with this play. It should be upgraded to a flagrant 2 and there aren’t any questions about it.

What’s disturbing is that dirty plays have become a trend for Dwyane Wade.

That awful foul on Rip Hamilton is about as blatant and unnecessary as it gets. These dirty plays have made me reconsider how innocent Wade was with his flagrant foul in the All-Star Game that broke Kobe’s nose.

Don’t let the bright smile, fancy clothes, and phony “Father of the Year” award fool you; Dwyane Wade is a dirty player. It’s only now becoming evident.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Devon-Linger/100000023154701 Gary Devon Linger

    On the basketball court Dwyane Wade has done some unsportsmanlike things but as a human being he has been a class act in regards to the good he has done. His competitive nature has led him to act in an uncharacteristic way during games. Still the man is a overall good person. 

    The NBA just needs to treat him in the same way they would any other player in the league. His personal life should not overshadow his actions in the league.

  • Geoff Marolda

    You get fired up when you play sports,. Do you like seeing that happen? No. The saddest part was the reaction of the fans in the background when Wade pushed Collison from behind.