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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Grandmama Might Be Back in the NBA!

This is a very exciting day in the life of Larry Brown. That’s how excited I am — I’m pulling a Rickey. See, Grandmama played a large role in my childhood growing up. OK, that may be overstating things a bit, but Larry Johnson was quite a prominent figure while I was in elementary school. He was in all sorts of commercials representing Converse sneakers — like th one above, and he and Alonzo Mourning teamed up on a very exciting Hornets squad. Matter of fact, you got used to seeing Charlotte Hornets jerseys on playgrounds in LA. No joke. That’s how much pull Grandmama had back in the day. And that’s why I am overwhelmed with joy to hear that Grandmama might be back:

If there is such a thing as the “Curse of L.J.,” the Knicks may be doing something about it. According to sources, Johnson could be returning to the Knicks in a still-undefined role. In all likelihood, Johnson will be working for the Knicks part-time in their community relations department along with former teammate John Starks.

LJ had an injury settlement with the Knicks when his career ended in 2001 for $28 million. He’s not coming back for the money. But as you can tell, I am quite delighted to hear this rumor.

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