Voodoo Doll Strikes Greg Oden Again

Poor Greg Oden. I don’t know how you can say anything else. The guy battled through a thumb injury his first and only year at Ohio State, then he missed his first season because of knee surgery, he got hurt on opening night last year and then missed another month later in the season. And now, after only 20 games of the season, Greg Oden got hurt once again and is likely out for the year. Here’s the play that sidelined Greg, aka the Greg Oden injury video:

Hate to say I told you so, but now I have to say I told you so: over two and a half years ago, I wrote that if I were the Blazers, I would have taken Kevin Durant with the top overall pick. I said then that Durant was the special player who could be a 30 and 10 guy in the league. Now he’s in his third year and he’s averaging 28ppg and 7rpg. While it sucks that Oden is done for the year, there is some upside; the colorful personality will have more time for karaoke videos, filming commercials, and updating his Yardbarker blog. Furthermore, don’t feel badly for the Blazers; this might actually help their offense run smoother and put Brandon Roy at ease. We shall see how they respond. And memo to Greg: maybe you should think about wearing knee pads from now on to protect yourself, just a thought.

UPDATE: This was written immediately when the injury occurred. I thought the broken knee cap was due to contact with Brooks, not because of his explosion. Obviously the knee pad wouldn’t matter now but for players who bump knees, it would be helpful.

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  • DRJ

    Doesn’t look like he even got hit. Just landed on that leg. Mr. Oden is a freak… clearly suffering from gigantism, a pituitary disorder. His body is abnormal — unlike, say, a Shaq, whose huge body is normal, just big — Greg Oden’s body is ill-formed, unable to withstand certain stresses because it is not “supposed to be” that big. He was born to be of normal size, but his hormonal illness caused him to be gigantic… gigantic, but not in a healthy way.

    So… yes, of course they should have taken Durant. Greg Oden will never be a great player, because he will ALWAYS get injured, one way or another. Always a bad idea to pick a freak in the draft.

    Btw, same story applies to Yao Ming.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown
  • SpinMax

    That is a freak one in a million injury and it figures it happens to Oden. If anyone else on the floor were
    in his spot and hit their knee like that they’d have cracked theirs too.

    sadly, though, he will always get injured in other ways because of his build.

  • papfankon

    I disagree,Oden was the right No 1 pick for every team that year.He also does not suffer from gigantism DRJ.Usually the fractures of the kneecaps are a direct result of abnormally strong muscle contractions,that press the patella causing it to break.Believe me,its a tough injury to overcome.He will be on a short-lease for the rest of his playing days(training wise),but i dont think he will be as athletic ever again.They push them,to put on weight and be more dominant.Blake Griffin was the same thing.He was just lucky(and probably less fragile)that the fracture was minor ,and could be treated with leg immobilization.

  • Tejas

    You sir, Larry Brown, are a douchebag. You should be the one with the knee injury.

  • Jason

    This piece doesn’t make much sense… Every single one of the 30 GM’s in the league were prepared to take Greg Oden. It’s unreasonable to penalize Portland’s management when they did what every other team in the league was prepared to do as well. You would have been part of the minority who would have picked Durant. It looks obvious now, but at the time most would have still pegged Oden as the 1st pick.

    Secondly, his injury wasn’t due to impact with Brooks. Blazers medical staff has said that his kneecap fractured as soon as he exploded up to block the shot, probably built up stress over the past couple of games and his kneecap finally fractured under the pressure when he tried to jump. For those types of injuries, a knee brace or pad wouldn’t do much at all to prevent that.

  • Sean

    Knee pads? You are an idiot.

  • Sevan

    WTF do knee pads have to do with this story? Idiot.

  • Shawn

    I understand that you may have wrote that 2.5 years ago, but it’s not what you think. It’s one of those nuggets that you can hold on to for a few years and then cash in on to make yourself look like a genius if it turns out to be true. It’s the same thing as the people who said Buster Douglas was going to beat Tyson. They can blow their own trumpet and act like they have the inside track on knowledge the rest of us don’t have. But unlike Tyson, you make a claim that will quickly be forgot so if doesn’t come true, no one will remember. And you don’t remind anyone until it looks as if you may be right.

    BTW, Wall will be a huge NBA bust. Talk to you in five years… maybe.

  • jeff J

    Maybe all these injuries are occurring because Oden is 40 years old. Have you looked at him? He is at least 40, maybe even 50.

  • http://yourmom your mother

    Your a fuckin asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”maybe you should think about wearing knee pads from now on to protect yourself, just a thought.” He didn’t land on his knee dumb ass! He could have worn a knee brace, yes, but not knee pads. Also knee braces slow movement and in some cases are bad for your knees during vigorous activities. Help yourself to a medical book dickhead.