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Friday, April 20, 2018

JaVale McGee blocks shot by grabbing ball out of midair (Video)

JaVale-McGee-blockThere is no player in the NBA we enjoy making fun of more than JaVale McGee, which can sometimes lead to people forgetting how much of a freak athlete he is. McGee is probably one of the most physically gifted players in the NBA. He gave us a reminder of that when he blocked a shot by grabbing the ball out of midair during the Denver Nuggets’ win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night.

Any problems McGee has on the court are generally between his ears. For every incredible block he treats us to there is another moment where he becomes a lock for SportsCenter’s “Not Top 10” with a play like this. If the Nuggets could get some consistency out of JaVale, he could easily be one of the most productive centers in the league. That just may be too tall a task.

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