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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Joakim Noah: Heat Hollywood as Hell

Over the course of his college and NBA career we’ve learned that Joakim Noah doesn’t play by the rules. Putting his recent gay slur aside, we’ve seen Noah go shopping for bongs and screw up his rookie duties. He just isn’t your conventional NBA player. That’s why it was no surprise to hear him blast the Heat after losing to them in the playoffs.

Noah ripped on the city of Cleveland last year during the playoffs and that came after his notorious fight with LeBron where he supposedly called him a bitch. Even though I like the way Noah isn’t afraid to speak his mind, I just think he’s wrong here. The Heat’s Bermuda Triangle may have personal stylists and dress funny, but they are a hardworking team that prides itself on defense. They got dirty and out-hustled the Bulls the entire series. That’s just plain disrespectful by Noah considering Miami outplayed them and knocked them out in five games.

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