Kevin Durant talks trash about Cowboys

kevin-durant-redskinsOklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is from Washington D.C., and he is a big Redskins fan. You can ordinarily see him tweeting about his team’s games on Sundays, and offering praise of Robert Griffin III.

Durant was so stoked about the Redskins’ 27-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16 that he ended up talking some trash:

Washington is 9-6 after winning its sixth-straight game, and those “cupcakes” he was referring to are Washington’s NFC East rival, the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins are in first place in the NFC East, a game ahead of the Cowboys, and stand a strong chance of reaching the playoffs for the first time since the 2007 season.

We’re eagerly awaiting a response from noted Cowboys fan LeBron James. It’s just one more thing the NBA’s two biggest stars are in competition about, though after Dallas’ loss to New Orleans, he probably doesn’t have much to say.

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  • dontcare4uatall

    Funny ,I’m From OK. And I HATE EVERYTHING out of WASHINGTON, DC. Except this kid, RG3

  • http://twitter.com/Sports_Glory SportsGlory.com

    Just wanted to give you praise on the article Larry Brown.  Saw the post on FOX Sports and Bleacher Report!

  • Smoothtruth

    Real D.C. represent your city!

  • Comptown_Productions

    Haha its funny cuz ppl think rg3 is from washington but texas is his home state….