Kobe Bryant’s Alleged Ex-Bodyguard Patrick Graber, Tell-All Book About the Rape

Upset over what he says was a frame job by Kobe’s legal team to serve as a media diversion during Bryant’s trial, alleged former bodyguard Patrick Graber is striking back. He is releasing a book called Dead Women Tell No Tales: the truth about the Kobe Bryant Rape Case. Judging by the online book, Graber does not hold back one bit. Here are some of the notable aspects of what the book touches on.

Graber says Bryant had several other mistresses and that Kobe wanted to put the hit on the witness:

Graber and Bryant meet in July 2003 in Kobe’s luxury apartment in Westwood where the player is being entertained by two of his mistresses. Bryant proposes to his bodyguard to eliminate the witness in the Colorado rape case.

Graber says Kobe was a player with the ladies:

The bodyguard observes firsthand the superstar’s bizarre infidelities with several women at the same time.

Graber says Kobe fit right in with the NBA image:

Exposure of Bryant’s true character away from the basketball court and how he fits into the disturbing NBA culture where social norms seem to be inexistent and violence against women commonplace.

Graber says he was framed:

Graber and Bryant’s head of security meet. Kobe changes his plan and Revilla orchestrates Graber’s entrapment and arrest to divert the media attention away from the Colorado rape case thus improving Bryant’s damaged public image.

There is also a testimonial on the about page from a man named Jondell R. Montgomery of Long Beach, brace yourself:

The account of Kobe participating in orgies and the description of the surroundings is accurate. A attended a few of those parties myself…

Wow, does Graber sure have an axe to grind here. The truth behind the contents of the book are debatable. But as is the case with most things, there has to be some correctness to it. And from the descriptions by Graber, Kobe seems just as like the crook he was made out to be in Colorado. The question then becomes whether or not people will take this book seriously. If so, how much will this damage Kobe’s reputation which seems to have been patched up? Secondly, does he stand to lose fans and endorsement dollars because of the book? Only time will tell. But giving my opinion, I’ve always though Kobe was a punk, and everything that is coming out in this book supports that sentiment.

Thanks to Young, Black, and Fabulous for bringing the book to my attention.

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  • stan lowe

    This Patrick Graber was NOT ever Kobe’s Bodyguard. He is a Swedish national who followed the Kobe case on the Internet and sent an e-mail offering to murder Kate Faber. Kobe’s Security team found the e-mail and the FBI then arrested him.

    He is an internet loon trying to make money off someone who had him arrested. Do your research.


  • Johnathon Faiser

    fuck this its all fake, kobe would never do this and i know it

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  • derek

    This is FAKE , Its not real .These things never really happened , Its just made up to get people talking . Great .If Kobe Tryed to have somebody Killed he would be in jail. Kobe Banged some hoe , And almost when to jail for rape .Could you Image the same happening to the “other leagues” top player . Didn’t think so!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Mr B

    I know this is a blog, but do you do research? Seems like another place for idiots to bash Mr. Bryant for no reason than their own personal dislike for the guy. The one fact here you seem to share with other bball sites is recounting his desire to either be traded or have other players brought in so he can compete for championships (you guys can diss him for wanting to win all you want). Wow, is all I can say . . . more fact checking might make you a journalist.

  • Kai

    It’s too bad that some money sucking phony scum bad is trying to profit by telling lies on Kobe. I’ve worked three years as a personal assistant/body guard for Kobe and I can confirm that he never bought a a woman to his room and is rather a loner when he’s on the road. He doesn’t own an luxury apartment in West Hollywood. This ignorant idiot need to get his facts straight before going public with something that he can’t validate.

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  • LaToya

    This Patrick Graber definitely WAS Kobe’s bodyguard. He is a Swiss national, former presidential bodyguard and very well known in the LA industry where he served for many celebrities… Besides, whether Bryant raped the girl or not I’m glad that this book has come out! I like Kobe and I think he’s an amazing athlete. But sometimes people tend to replace athleticism with innocence, as they say.. the truth always comes out in the end and I suspect this book might be just what was missing in the equation. And as much as I love Kobe’s undeniably amazing talent – the rapists must be separated from the real players and shamed. Just because he’s a star, don’t mean he can get away with anything.

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  • Mac

    Let me set the record straight for all you know-it-all’s on this Patrick Graber book. I was one of Kobe & Vanessa Bryant’s bodyguards for over 4yrs, before, during, and after Kobe’s court case. I never met or heard of Mr. Patrick Graber until he was arrested. I cannot confirm or deny Mr. Graber’s claim of employment with Kobe. However some of the events in Mr. Graber’s book has information that would not be readily available to the public to know. Mr. Graber had to obtain the information from someone within the Kobe circle or from the Laker organization. There are some portions of the book that I know of, and had first hand knowledge, and did occur. Other portions I cannot comment on. Bottom line is this, I know Kobe, and anything is possible. If Mr. Graber’s book is wrong then we should see the typical Kobe spout off, and law suit should follow. If not, then you know something is up.

  • Eddo Banks

    First: Who cares?

    It seems that all of the arrests and charges that are going to come out of this thing have happened. That includes Mr. Graber’s.

    So, what can be profited from the existence of this book? That question is not directed at Mr. Graber. I suppose if you can’t con $3,000,000 a few hundred thousand will have to do.

    I am not much of a gossipmonger and I rate the character of sportswriters somewhere below that of ambulance chasers and mother rapers, so forgive me if I don’t know who this Larry Brown is. Reading this blog, my impression is that he is an untalented hack who’s extraneous scribbling would make his fellow jackals wince.

    You know, I say “To hell with Kobe Bryant”, but as he goes, I wish him to leave a some seats open for Graber, Brown, and the idiots who enjoy and disseminate their drivel.

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  • http://www.trafford.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000159783 Doc Rogers

    Like the La Cosa Nostra bodyguards should stay out of the public eye and the limelight. Keep safe and God speed.