LeBron James dunks on Jason Terry, gets technical for taunting (Video)

LeBron James dunk Jason TerryLeBron James dunked on Jason Terry during the second quarter of the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics game Monday, and he was called for a technical foul for taunting. The dunk was so powerful it caused people to instantly recall DeAndre Jordan’s posterization of Brandon Knight.

Terry stole a pass by the Heat, but Dwyane Wade stole the ball back after poking the ball loose from behind Terry. Wade passed the ball to Mario Chalmers, who dished to Norris Cole, who fed James with a lob. LeBron just destroyed Terry, who was trying to defend the dunk. He sent the Celtics guard to the floor and stared over him for a second, leading to the technical.

The power dunk by LeBron on Terry likely had a personal meaning; Terry said last week that he didn’t find the Heat’s winning streak very impressive. That was probably LeBron’s way of telling the former Maverick to think twice.

James also had another reason to boast following the game — he helped the Heat overcome a 17-point deficit to beat the Celtics 105-103 and extend their winning streak to 23 games. James scored 13 of his 37 points in the final eight minutes of the game — including the tying and winning shots.

Jordan, who destroyed Knight on a dunk two Sundays ago, paid his respects to James with a tweet:

LeBron was told about Jordan’s tweet and responded.

“If (Jordan) said touché, it must have been pretty good,” James told reporters. “I saw [Terry] down there. I guess he didn’t see me.”

No surprise, both “Jason Terry” and “Brandon Knighted” were trending on Twitter following the dunk. And as has become customary on the Internet, Terry’s Wikipedia page was edited to note him being on the wrong end of the dunk:

Jason Terry Wikipedia


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  • kenny

    Thank you Lebron, for putting your King-sized corndogs on that arrogant sh!t J.Terry’s mouth on that sick poster dunk!

    Heat fans

  • http://twitter.com/Tsapao Willy

    i guess J.Terry will become humble now:)lol

  • disqus_BeQUEin8oT

    It must be very hard being J. Terry, Monday March 18,
    2013 will now be remembered as the “Daaanngg,
    that jet was grounded” day.

  • http://twitter.com/FutrPa12 FutrPA12

    @Kenny…LMAO!!!! JET won’t have anything more to say after that abject humiliation…

  • http://twitter.com/FutrPa12 FutrPA12

    “King-sized corndogs”…LMAO!!!

  • blujonmac@optimum.net

    Poor Jason Terry,runs around like he is all about something,how about that Lebron dunk on you Monday night on national TV!~!~Now you have something to talk about!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5IQ5M4C3GXV4NSTELLXZLHUNTU chris g


  • Bobby Slaughter

    I used to be a fan of James but he has gotten to be a real jackass and so has the Heat. When your head gets to big most of the time some thing happens to make it smaller again so be careful Lebron your day may be comming

  • kenny

    wow you’re a JT fan hahaha loser