Michael Jordan Rips LeBron: I Would Not Have Teamed with Magic, Larry

Ever since Michael Jordan retired (for the last time), we have talked about finding the next MJ. If the next Michael Jordan wasn’t Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant, then the replacement was supposed to be LeBron James. LeBron aspired to have that label, wearing jersey number 23 and even suggesting the NBA should retire the number. We know how LeBron feels about MJ, but what does Michael Jordan think of LeBron James lately? Jordan served up some hatorade on LeBron with the following comments he made at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, via Bill Simmons and utvolsfan86 on Twitter:

First MJ says Kobe has more game than LeBron, and now this? For the Jordan fans out there, it’s really just great to read this. Not only does Jordan make a great point supporting his own legacy, but he does so at LeBron’s expense. And he’s totally right—the casual fan not from Cleveland rooted for LeBron, at least in part, because fans want to witness undisputed, pure greatness. So Jordan speaks for the fans who wanted to see LeBron beat Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, not play with them.

Bill Simmons on Twitter
utvolsfan86 on Twitter

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WZJK27FDZHAUYAUMDTPEL7NXFY JacobH

    Jordan’s point is moot because didn’t have to call up bird or magic because he was already playing along side a future HoFer. He seems to be quick to forget that he didn’t pick up any of his rings alone.

  • http://twitter.com/FutrPa12 FutrPA12

    MJ is great. But he needs to learn humility. Because right now, he sounds like a sore little bitch, who’s afraid that LeBron is everything he was (on the court) and more. Give LeBron time MJ, he could have more than 5 rings. Stop with the hate. You don’t wear it well. At all…

  • Tim Blanka

    your age shows!  jordan made the players around him better! know what your talking about before you talk! jordan made everyone around him better. he had so much drive innititative! and passion! your probably the same idiot that thinks lebron could beat jordan HE CANT! jordan found a way to beat everyone and he would! you either hate chiacgo or are young! if you seen anything back then you would know he was the greatest. lets see lebron mkae last second shot after shot to win a game. lets see him make outside jumpers 18 ft or more consistently. lebron makes that 10/12 footer. jo0rdan would smoke him! lebron would be the best challenge for him maybe! kobe would hold is own as well! jordan would beat either of them. i still think kobe would have a better shot in his prime then lebron! also lebron will get all the numbers. lets remember he didnt go to college lets remember he ran from his drafted team like a pussy to play with 2 all stars! SAD! JORDAN IS THE BEST EVER! get a clue! jordan wins 11 6 11 5 in a game to 11. if lebron even gets that many jordans defense was sick as well!

  • big3miami

    people stop making MJ so big, it took him years to win a championship….MJ or KB can’t defense as many positions as LJ do. Also LJ still 27 years old and now he’s playing around with teammate that match MJ and KB teammates in the past. KB won cuz Shaq..MJ won cuz he had SP, HG, SK an TK…lol……you can’t compare a lightweight(MJ) vs heavyweight (LJ)

  • http://www.facebook.com/bhaddox1 Bill Haddox

    MJ is/was the greatest ever–but do not forget>>it was Bird & Majic that SAVED the nba!! Made it possible for MJ to become the best… Each of the 3 had/has ball skills–but Jordan had the most of the physical tools-Majic was smart on the court & Bird was/is a killer. Together they made the nba what is today-I do not like it(too much flash-no heart). I much prefer the college game-but it is getting to be like the nba. Thuggish-all power/fouling-very little strategy/3-pt shooting-etc. When was the last time you saw a team ‘stall the ball’-yep a long time ago but it was damn good strategy to win games.  Oh well–think I’ll go to some Hi-sch play-off games!!!

  • Jemel Robinson

    MJ best EVER!!!!!!!