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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rafer Alston Might Slash Your Neck

Literally. I’ve always known that the baller formerly known as Skip to My Lou had some awesome hands. Trust me, I had him on my fantasy team plenty of times and the guy is quite a thief. Now he’s proven himself to be quite dexterous with those hands, if this report is true.

NBA player Rafer Alston was busted last night on charges he stabbed a man during a fight inside a Chelsea nightclub early yesterday.

The 31-year-old Houston Rockets point guard, who hails from Jamaica, Queens, was accused of slashing victim Wilbert Ashman in the right side of his neck, police said.

“I was in the middle of it,” said the bouncer, who requested anonymity. “I walked Rafer and his brother out to their car. He didn’t slash him.”

Ashman, 41, of Uniondale, L.I., told police he got into a dispute with a member of Alston’s entourage, a fight broke out and the 6-foot-2 basketball player slashed him in the neck.

From the department of things I just don’t understand is that controversy. How can there be a debate as to whether or not someone had their neck slashed? It’s not as if a bloody neck is inconspicuous. What’s the debate about? Just check that space in between the shoulders and head — if there’s a gaping hole, then somebody’s guilty. Got it?

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