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Friday, May 25, 2018

Time to Start Talking Spurs Dynasty

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How can I be so presumptuous right? Did I not learn from my criticism of LeBron early in the series against the Pistons? Am I really talking dynasty after one game? Game stinking one is in the books and I’m already handing the Spurs the trophy? Well, not so fast. But I do like to get a bit ahead of myself here. (I’m quite agreeable aren’t I?)

This appears to be the fourth Spurs championship in the past decade. That’s a lot. Four rings. Four of them. Think about it. Four rings for Tim Duncan. Michael Jordan — the savior — won six (and as my dad pointed out, he could’ve easily had eight). But dang. Seriously, that’s a lot of rings for Timmy. And that’s impressive for San Antonio. There’s no way to classify them as anything but a dynasty. And there’s a lot to be said considering they may be able to win a championship eight years after winning their first, being led by the same player.

I have no doubt LeBron and the Cavs have a few tricks up their sleeves, but I do admit I’ll have less interest when it heads to Cleveland 2-0. I’m sure the Cavs will make it a series. But what makes me happiest is that either way I’ll be satisfied with the outcome. Either the Spurs cement their legacy as a dynasty, or LeBron begins his pathway to utter greatness. And that my friends, is why we shall eagerly await the upcoming games.

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