Kirk Cousins called ‘Kurt’ in autograph signing promo (Picture)

Kurt Cousins

Kirk Cousins was generous enough to give some time last month to do an autograph signing. The only problem is his name was misspelled on a promotional item.

In case you were wondering, the former Michigan State and current Washington Redskins quarterback is Kirk, not “Kurt,” as it said in the promo.

Cousins took the blunder in stride.

We’re guessing that promo item came from Cousins’ Feb. 23 in-store autograph signing at Legends Sports & Games in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Kurt, Kirk, it’s all the same. Surely Magic Johnson can understand the error.

H/T Danny (@recordsandradio)

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  • loubrown2

    Hello – My name is Lou Brown and I am the owner of Legends Sports & Games.  Kirk appeared at our event on Feb 23rd.   One of my employees was rushing a little too fast and made an error when creating a promo poster. When we got the picture back, we immediately saw the error. Another employee thought it was funny and put it up on a wall in our back room where only employees have access. Kirk came to our event and thought it was funny and asked for it. This is our second event with Kirk. We know how to spell his name!