Floyd Mayweather Jr: I have Nothing to Gain by Fighting Manny Pacquiao

After seeing Manny Pacquiao dismantle Miguel Cotto on Saturday night, I said that a Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight has to happen for the sake of boxing’s integrity. There’s only one fight left that makes sense for each fighter. One fight, and one fight only, and it’s between them. Unfortunately Pacquiao expressed no immediate interest in fighting Floyd, and Floyd has gone on record saying he doesn’t want to do business with Bob Arum (Manny’s promoter). Making matters worse is that Floyd told Sky News he feels like he has nothing to gain by fighting Pacquiao:

Floyd says that everyone wants to see him lose while Manny’s already lost three times therefore there’s no upside for him. While there’s no erasing Pacquiao’s three losses and Floyd’s undefeated record, there is a question as to who is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and who the top welterweight is. Right now Pacman is on top of his game and considered to be every bit as good as Floyd. Because of that reason, Mayweather stands plenty to gain by fighting (and beating) Manny. The term “undisputed” champion is often used in boxing. Right now there’s a dispute that can only be settled in the ring. Floyd should recognize that and make this fight happen to boost his legacy. After that, beating Sugar Shane Mosley would just be icing on the cake of an unblemished career.

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  • jroy

    looking at it from his perspective he’s right… still think he will take the fight only if there is a rematch clause if he looses.

  • http://www.theboxingtruth.com/ Marcus

    Don’t worry Floyd; we don’t want to see you lose.
    We just want to see you fight MORE and talk less!

  • God

    Floyd will knock the crap out of Pacwoman, that negro aggression will destroy Pacgirl.

  • http://yahoo.com Red

    Let’s walk the talk pretty boy. Your mouth is getting bigger than your fist. Iwould like to see you in the ring with the Pac. That will be the only way to prove who is the P4P king.
    As for now, don’t be so elusive, or shall we say, your nightmare is coming.

  • nemo

    This will be pretty boys defeat. Pac is the Man.

  • Gene

    Don’t listen to all the bull crap coming out of the fighters’ mouths or those of their associates. It is pure posturing in order to justify their man getting a bigger piece of the pie. The fight will be great, but so will the financial negotiations.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SZAC3BBI7GWLJ6M4EO6C2ERPMQ NomoPac

    Until Pac test!! He is guilty!! Roach says he would be giving Floyd rd1,I say that’s bull..he would be proving he’s clean!! Roach is the smokin gun has had quit a few fighters of his POP! Not emanuel,buddy,etc..just FREDDIE!!