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Monday, May 28, 2018

Floyd Mayweather only wears boxers once

Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather Jr. is nicknamed “Money” for very good reasons. The guy is always flossing his cash, showing off his jewelry and cars, partying, and living the VIP lifestyle. But there are some things he does that just shows his wealth is on another level.

Tim Keown wrote an excellent profile on Mayweather for ESPN The Magazine that I encourage fans to read. The article discusses many of Mayweather’s quirks and sheds some light on how he and his “Money Team” operate. For instance, Mayweather loves the heat and likes to keep all his rooms hot — even hotter than the weather outdoors in Las Vegas. He does not operate with a set schedule and his entourage members are available to him for whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And then there are some of his fascinating spending habits.

We’ll let Keown take it from here:

This is a man who wears his boxer shorts once before throwing them out. This is a man who wears his sneakers once before leaving them in hotel rooms for housekeepers who might have a relative in need of a size 7½, who keeps his head shaved yet travels on a private jet with his personal barber, who has two sets of nearly identical ultraluxury cars color-coded by mansion to help him remember — white in Las Vegas, black in Miami — where he is.

Dude only wears his boxers once? And that’s suppose to be a sign of wealth, luxury, and comfort? Sheeet, boxers aren’t even comfortable the first time you wear ’em! I have to put on my boxers several times before they’re properly broken in. They need to go through a few washes before they start fitting naturally. But once a pair of boxers and I have bonded to form one harmonious unit, that’s it — we’re stuck together for life. Or at least until they start disintegrating.

Yes, I know that buying $18 pairs of boxers one at a time seems like a pimp move, but I’m more of a long-term commitment guy when it comes to my underwear.

[Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr. puts on a treasure chest of jewelry]

And about that whole wearing a pair of shoes only once and leaving them behind in hotels … yeah, that’s the same thing Allen Iverson supposedly did, and that dude nearly end up broke. Watch yourself, Floyd.

One final note on Mayweather’s money … we all know the guy loves to brag about his riches. There was a time when he said his paycheck was like your social security number, which is to say nine figures long. Turns out that’s an understatement. Mayweather showed Keown one of his bank statements.

According to Keown, there was more than $123 million in that one account. When you have that kind of money, you can afford to wear $18 boxers just once.

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