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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Manny Pacquiao KTFO by Juan Manuel Marquez in action-packed fight

Juan Manuel Marquez finally broke through against Manny Pacquiao. After three fights that included a draw and two losses by controversial decisions, Marquez finally recorded a win against Pac-Man.

Marquez knocked the Filipino down in the third, and then put him out for good in the sixth in one of the most brutal knockouts you will see. The knockout was so bad it literally put Pacquiao to sleep.

One of Pacquiao’s coaches, Alex Ariza, confirmed Manny was out cold. He told reporters they had to put a cold towel over Pac-Man’s head, and that his eyes where glazed over and he didn’t know where he was.

Kevin Durant had one of the tweets of the night in response:

Pacquiao drops to 54-5-2 with the loss, while Marquez is now 55-6-1.

This is the first knockout loss for Pacquiao since he was defeated by Medgoen Singsurat in Thailand on Sept. 17 1999.

Pacquiao recovered well from the first knockdown and rallied to put Marquez on the canvas in the sixth. He hit the Mexican so hard that Marquez told reporters after the fight he thought his nose was broken (reports later said it was).

Though many were saying all hope for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is now lost, I disagree. First off, it was highly unlikely that they were going to fight anyhow, so this outcome doesn’t lessen the chances. Secondly, Mayweather might be MORE interested in fighting Pac-Man now that the Filipino had his face rearranged. The only thing this outcome takes away is the excitement and anticipation of what was once supposed to be a superfight. Should they decide to fight, it would still sell extremely well thanks to the huge fan bases of each boxer.

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