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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Video: Ray Austin Knocks Andrew Golota Down in 2 Seconds

Andrew Golota is one of the more notorious fighters in heavyweight history. He ran into all sorts of problems with Riddick Bowe, being unable to keep his punches above the belt resulting in two disqualifications. An in-ring post-fight riot ensued following the first encounter. Golota was also floored in one round by Lennox Lewis, and refused to continue fighting Mike Tyson after two rounds. And after being knocked down by Michael Grant in ’99, Golota told the ref he didn’t want to continue. OK, so there’s your lengthy background. Now watch this fight with Ray Austin that took place in China this weekend. Please excuse the (Polish?) commentary.

That guy is just such a mental case. Seriously, who quits after a round claiming they have a bicep injury? What is this guy’s deal? He gets hit a few times and packs it in? Sure seems to be his m.o. and it’s really quite pathetic. Andrew Golota, you live in infamy. If it weren’t for his track record, I’d say the fix was in. Hang on a second … maybe this guy really does know what he’s doing.

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