50 Cent on Twitter: I ‘don’t see no black people’ at Daytona 500

50 Cent Dale Earnhardt Jr

50 Cent was among the celebrities on hand for the Daytona 500 Sunday, and he may have felt somewhat out of place. The rapper observed that there were very few black people at the track and tweeted about it:

50 appears to have deleted the tweet, but several people retweeted it, and Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel wrote about it.

NASCAR appears to be trying to invite diversity to the track by inviting 50, rapper T.I., and retired linebacker Ray Lewis to participate in race festivities. African-American athletes like Randy Moss and Michael Jordan have had racing teams (though Jordan’s was motorcycles), so it’s not as if racing is just a (southern) white thing. But it looks like the core of NASCAR fans remains Caucasian, as 50 noted.

50 still seemed to have a great time regardless. He mixed it up with plenty of drivers:

Photo credit: Twitter/Mike Hoag

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  • shadrackgoldstein@yahoo.com

    I think white America’s fascination with slow hillbillies driving fast in a circle will remain predominately Caucasian!

    At least I pray that black folks leave this game alone! Let’s not get in on everything that the white man loves.

    The crowds at racing events are staggering and mind boggling, so from an economic stance, that is good for the local economy.

    And it is a truism that when us black folks get into something, we bring more drama,crowd fights, and do not spend near the money that white folks spend there, while simultaneously running the white money away.

    So, my fellow melanites, stay out of this game, we can only hurt it.

  • Richardo Montlebahn

    Black people have more sense that to pay HUGE ticket prices, food prices, and sit in the sun just to watch some boring cookie cutter cars go round and round. An orange hot wheels track is cheap and does the same thing and can be watched in the A/C.