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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Daryl Morey: Being a basketball GM is fun like being a gynecologist

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey is a great Twitter follow for a number of reasons. He shares opinions and insights on the social media service, and best of all, he interacts with fans. From time to time Morey will host Q&As and answer questions from fans. That can lead to some great answers. Take for…Read More

Gregg Popovich left team bus with chest pains

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had a minor health scare on Tuesday night when he reportedly had to leave the team’s bus with sharp pains in his chest. According to’s David Aldridge, Popovich is going to be fine. “Spurs not commenting but Gregg Popovich is with the team and flying to Charlotte after…Read More

LeBron James pushes David Blatt to sidelines (Video)

This is not going to help the perception that LeBron James does not have respect for David Blatt. During the second quarter of Tuesday’s Cavs-Suns game, James pushed his coach to the sidelines while Blatt was arguing with an official. Perhaps James’ intention was good — he wanted his coach to avoid getting a technical…Read More

Kevin Garnett ejected after headbutting Dwight Howard (Video)

Kevin Garnett was ejected during the first quarter of Monday’s game between Nets and Rockets after he and Dwight Howard got into a scuffle. Garnett was whistled for a foul while guarding Howard in the post, which led to Howard shoving Garnett in the chest. Garnett then threw the ball at Howard and followed that…Read More

Trevor Booker somehow made this shot (Video)

No amount of time on the shot clock is too little for Trevor Booker. The Utah Jazz big man made a shot behind his back on Friday despite only having 0.2 seconds to work with. He took a bounce pass and tossed it behind his head kind of like a volleyball bump, and it went…Read More

Stan Van Gundy’s ‘form a wall’ has gone viral

Stan Van Gundy’s instructions to his team to “form a f—ing wall” at the end of a win over the San Antonio Spurs this week has become a viral catch phrase of sorts. The Detroit Pistons are rolling with the funny phrase that Stan Van told his team Tuesday night and even did a few…Read More

JR Smith: Triangle offense is ‘almost too much thinking’

JR Smith has to be thrilled to get away from the New York Knicks with the way they have been playing this season — no matter how much pressure comes along with playing alongside LeBron James. Smith, like many of his former teammates, clearly was not a great fit with Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. Considering…Read More

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