This Knicks ‘One Shining Moment’ video is too perfect for words

Mike Woodson faceThe New York Knicks were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday when the Atlanta Hawks beat the Miami Heat. It was an unsurprising end to a disappointing season for the Knicks, but not everything about the season was bad. At least all their terrible moments and letdowns yielded this absolutely incredible cinematic treasure.

Some internetter who goes by @world_wide_wob put together a a truly fantastic compilation from the Knicks’ season and set it to the touching music of “One Shining Moment.”

Sit back, relax, watch, and enjoy one seriously hilarious video. They should sent it out as their pitch to potential season ticket holders.

Jeff Teague drops younger brother Marquis with crossover (Video)

Andre Iguodala might have pulled off the crossover of the NBA season on Thursday, but the one Jeff Teague whipped out the following day was impressive as well.

jeff-teague-crossoverJeff and the Atlanta Hawks were in Brooklyn on Friday to take on the Nets and his younger brother Marquis.

With both playing the same position, the opportunity existed for the brothers to guard each other, which was sure to be fun to watch.

During the fourth quarter, Jeff got the best of Marquis with a crossover that left the younger Teague on the floor in the lane. Yeah, the missed shot takes a little of the shine off, but that’s still something you can hold over your brother’s head.

Imagine if this happened on Thursday, which was National Sibling Day. How great would that have been?

H/T Beyond The Buzzer

Quincy Miller a good sport about getting ankles broken by Andre Iguodala

As you have probably heard by now, Denver Nuggets forward Quincy Miller was absolutely destroyed by an Andre Iguodala crossover on Thursday night. Iguodala redfined the ankle-breaking game by making Miller fall straight on his face. To his credit, Miller was a great sport about the whole thing on Twitter after the game.

Miller also addressed whoever hacked his Wikipedia page by writing “Aye who the hell run Wikipedia?” Here’s what his Wikipedia page briefly said during the game.

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Timofey Mozgov lights it up with 93 points, according to TNT

Timofey Mozgov 93 points

Timofey Mozgov had one heck of a game on Thursday against the Golden State Warriors. He went 10-of-15 and grabbed a career-high 29 rebounds.


But according to a TNT graphic, he also scored an astounding 93 points!

Considering Mozgov’s 93 points rank second in NBA history, it was only natural for his game to get the Wilt Chamberlain 100-point game treatment:

As my friend Colin said, it’s pretty shocking that TNT didn’t even highlight the 93 as a career high for Mozgov! What, did he once go for 120 back in Russia?

Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath suspended for tweets criticizing NBA, officials

Sean HeathDallas Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath was suspended two games by the NBA for sending multiple tweets criticizing the league and its officials, according to multiple reports.

ESPN Dallas says Heath’s suspension will begin Saturday night and continue either during the playoffs or carry over to the beginning of next season.

Heath was angry after the Mavs lost an overtime game to the Golden State Warriors on April 1 122-120. He was upset that no goaltend was called on a Monta Ellis shot that was blocked by Jermaine O’Neal:

Heath then tweeted directly at the NBA over Twitter and complained about referee Danny Crawford blowing a call.

Heath probably sealed his fate with this tweet, which talked about the NBA having a reputation for being “rigged”:

The NBA actually apologized a day after the game and admitted goaltending should have been called, but it was too little too late. Still, Heath probably should have just left things where they stood after the first three tweets. It was the “rigged” comment that probably triggered the suspension.

Oh well. Looks like he’s just a big Mavs fan like many other people in the area.

Andre Iguodala ruins Quincy Miller with spectacular crossover, memes ensue (Video)

Andre Iguodala Quincy MillerAndre Iguodala just absolutely ruined Quincy Miller with what had to be the best crossover of the season.

During the first quarter of Thursday night’s Golden State Warriors-Denver Nuggets game, Iguodala pushed the ball up the court and just toyed with Miller. First he went right with a behind-the-back dribble, and then he crossed back over to his left with such a sick move that it sent Miller to the floor. It was just plain mean.

Naturally, with the internet being the internet, the jokes came out in full force.

Warriors World sent this funny tweet where they pretended to be Miller tweeting at Iguodala:

And then came all the related pictures and jokes:

Even Iguodala seemed impressed with himself. Check out the face he made after his move:

Andre Iguodala face

That’s the classic “tell me you saw that” look.

Video via @cjzero

Rajon Rondo had a hilarious flop against Jeff Teague (GIF)

Rajon-Rondo-flopThe Boston Celtics have not done a whole lot right lately. Losers of nine straight games and 14 of their last 15, the Celtics are already crossing their fingers that the ping-pong balls will drop their way in a few months. Heck, they can’t even flop correctly.

During Wednesday night’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Rajon Rondo had a pathetic attempt at drawing a charge call late in the fourth quarter. The Celtics were scrambling to get back on defense following a turnover when Rondo stepped in front of Jeff Teague at the top of the key. The only thing I could think of while watching the play was “TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!.”

Rondo slowly fell backward despite the fact that Teague didn’t touch him. Fortunately, no foul was called. Rondo could be hearing from the league for that one.

GIF via The Score