Jay Williams and Justin Bieber bro’d out, and Jay’s Twitter followers didn’t like it

Jay Williams Justin Bieber

Some tweets just speak for themselves and require no commentary. This would be one of them.

This was sent by former Duke star point guard Jay Williams Monday night after he hung out with Justin Bieber:

As you could imagine, Jay was feeling the backlash rather quickly. These were some of my favorite responses he received over Twitter:

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Duke lacrosse investigator Mark Gottlieb commits suicide

Mark GottliebMark Gottlieb, one of the lead investigators in the 2006 Duke lacrosse rape case, committed suicide over the weekend, WRAL reports.

According to WRAL, Gottlieb died on Saturday in Georgia at the age of 51. The cause of death was not known.

Gottlieb was the supervisor in the case where three members of Duke’s lacrosse team were indicted for allegedly raping and beating a stripper. The case was later dropped after we learned the woman made up the claims. Gottlieb was one of several people who faced civil suits for botching the investigation and bringing forth the charges. He also had a history of being harsh on Duke students.

Gottlieb moved from North Carolina to Georgia after retiring from the police department and began working as a paramedic, according to WRAL.

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Eery video shows Oscar Pistorius reenacting night Reeva Steenkamp was killed

Reeva Steenkamp Oscar PistoriusThe Oscar Postorius murder trial is set to conclude later this month. The trial has included some disturbing witness accounts about what happened the night Reeva Steenkamp was killed, but nothing has been quite as eery as the video that was released on Sunday of Pistorius reenacting what he says happened the night he shot his girlfriend.

Australian TV’s Seven Network “Sunday Night” program aired a video this week that showed Pistorius moving through his house on his stumps in an attempt to explain how he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder and killed her. The reenactment was paid for by Pistorius’ uncle and done for a Cleveland-based firm called The Evidence Room.

The goal of the reenactment was to create a 3D version of Pistorius’ account of the events. However, Pisorius’ lawyers say the footage was “obtained illegally” and is a clear breach of the non-disclosure agreement between the six-time Paralympic gold medalist and The Evidence Room. It is unclear how the network obtained the footage.

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Great white shark attacks swimmer at Manhattan Beach (Video)

A 40-year-old man was attacked by a great white shark off the coast of Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Steven Robles was swimming with a group of distance swimmers at around 9:30 a.m. when he was bitten by a 7-foot shark that had just spent 30 to 40 minutes fighting to free itself from a fisherman’s line.

The terrifying incident was captured on a cell phone video, with onlookers initially laughing at the swimmers frantically trying to swim to shore before realizing that someone had been attacked. Witness Aram Ozen said he was surfing near the pier when he heard screams of “white, white!”


“It was a scary scream,” Ozen told the Los Angeles Times over the weekend. “It was kind of freaky. There was a lot people screaming back to shore.”

One witness told the Times that the fisherman had been throwing chum into the water to attract sharks. The fisherman, who chose not to be named, told KTLA that there was no chumming, noting that he did what fishermen are instructed to do by cutting his line after identifying the catch as a great white.

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Craig Sager Jr. runs in 10K race day after donating bone marrow to dad

Craig Sager Jr race

Craig Sager Jr. sure represents a lot of what being a great American is all about.

On July 4, Sager Jr. ran in the AJC Peachtree Road Race — a 10K race — less than a day after donating 1.5 liters of bone marrow to his father, Craig Sr., who is battling leukemia.

Craig Jr. finished with a time of 1:19:42, which is 37 minutes slower than his time of around 42 minutes last year. But his time was insignificant when you consider all that he accomplished.

On Thursday, Sager Jr. checked into Northside Hospital at 7:30 a.m. for the bone marrow procedure. 1.5 liters of bone marrow were extracted from two holes in his lower back. He was in the hospital most of the day but managed to get released at 6:00 p.m. so he could go home and rest to prepare for the race.

Running in the Peachtree Road Race is a family tradition for the Sagers, and Craig Jr. did not want to miss it. His dad had done 32 consecutive races, while this was his 10th year in a row doing it. Sager Jr.’s mother and two sisters also ran in the race.

Sager Jr. ran the race while wearing his hospital ID bands and a compression band around his back. He still managed to complete it despite how uncomfortable he felt.

Sager told a family member that running the race in his condition felt “Like I have 2 holes in my back!”

After finishing despite his grueling condition, Sager Jr. headed back to the hospital for a follow-up appointment and to have a bandage removed.

Sager Jr. tweeted about the entire experience from the time of the surgery to after the race. Take a look at all his tweets and photos from the surgery and race below.

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Joey Chestnut wishes Kobayashi would come back

Joey-Chestnut-Nathans-Hot-Dog-Eating-ChampionshipThe best hot dog eater in the world misses being challenged. Joey Chestnut has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest seven years in a row. The last time Takeru Kobayashi won was in 2006, when he edged out Chestnut by just 1 1/2 hot dogs. Chestnut and Kobayashi had some epic battles for three years after that, but Chestnut hasn’t really been challenged since Kobayashi bowed out.

While not having to compete against Kobayashi makes Chestnut’s job easier, he wishes the Japanese legend would return to give him a push.

“I hope he does (come back),” Chestnut told TMZ earlier this week. “He’s a great competitor and if he learned how to go back to the drawing board after losing instead of just, I don’t know, finding a reason not to eat.

“I miss competing against him.”

Kobayashi has had issues with Major League Eating that have resulted in his decision to not compete in the annual 4th of July contest, but Chestnut seemed to imply that his rival got tired of losing. In recent years, Chestnut has basically been competing against himself and trying to set records.

Maybe those fightin’ words will light a fire under Kobayashi.

Kendall Jones the hunter gets support from Chipper Jones


Many of you have probably heard of Kendall Jones by now. Jones is a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who has been hunting big game in Africa with her father for years. She recently started posting photos of her kills on Facebook, sparking outrage across the globe.

Jones, who grew up on a ranch in Texas, has taken down everything from lions to elephants. She also recently tranquilized a white rhino and claims to have assisted a veterinarian with taking blood samples and administering antibiotics. All of this information is available on Jones’ Facebook page.

In addition to the backlash she has received, Jones has drummed up support from thousands of hunting enthusiasts. On of them is former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones.

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