Coach K Does Not Like ‘Meltdown’ Questions at News Conferences

Duke beat Purdue Friday night 70-57 to advance past the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since their ’03-’04 Final Four team. The Blue Devils have gone an impressive 139-34 in that span and even had a one seed in ’05-’06, yet they weren’t able to win more than two games in the tourney in any of those years. That fact hasn’t been lost upon the media, and apparently it’s been known by the players. When one reporter attempted to ask point guard Jon Scheyer about this year’s team advancing past the Sweet Sixteen following the win over Purdue, his choice of words drew the ire of Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K interrupted the reporter in the middle of his question and called him out for using the word “meltdown.” The reporter kind of slunk away and even apologized for using the word “meltdown.” Krzyzewski 1, needling reporter 0. Here’s the exchange as best as I can explain it:

Reporter: Jon [Scheyer], you talked about you’re aware of the team’s reputation for a meltdown and that you guys were on a mission [interrupted by Krzyewski] why don’t you talk about …

Coach K: Can we, can we … like I don’t know what a meltdown is.

Reporter now trying to fix his question: I just want to talk about the mission …

Coach K: What is a meltdown?

Reporter: Well he said …

Coach K: No, he didn’t say it. Somebody said it. I want to know what a meltdown is.

Reporter: The team not doing good in postseason play …

Coach K: Somebody losing?

Reporter: Yes

Coach K: OK, then we lost. That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know what a meltdown means.

Reporter: I heard the word meltdown. I apologize.

Dammit, Mr. Reporter Man, don’t know you know if you’re going to call Duke out for disappointing in the tourney you can’t back down! Score one for the Dookies and let’s hope Baylor can replicate its hot shooting from Friday night on Sunday. It won’t be easy.

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  • Gene

    I respect Coach K for his record and his clean program. However, I think it has all gone to his head when he attempts, and succeeds, in bullying the press. Coach K was so intent on intimidation that he didn’t even get it correct when he asked the reporter “What is a meltdown?”. If he doesn’t know what a meltdown is, then that is like Clinton asking the definition of sex and sexual relations. Coach K should have asked the reporter what he meant by a meltdown. I guess those Amex commercials during the NCAA tournament a few years back have helped blind him to the morals and ethics he originally stood for.

    Urban Meyer attempted to bully a reporter for a comment about Tim Tebow. He, at least had the decency to apologize to the reporter after he cooled down. Let’s see if Coach K has the testicularity to do the same.

  • http://youtube.com/johnrameymedia john ramey

    coach K rules