Arizona Loses to Arizona State on Two Blocked Extra Points

As far as losing rivalry games are concerned, it doesn’t get much worse than the manner in which Arizona fell to Arizona State in the Territorial Cup Thursday night. Zona was down 20-14 when Nick Foles hit David Douglas for a game-tying touchdown with less than 30 seconds left. All Arizona had to do was kick the extra point to win the game. In heart breaking fashion, they had the kicked blocked. The game went on to overtime and Arizona appeared poised to tie up the game in the second OT when they lined up for another extra point. Alex Zendejas’ kick was blocked for the second time by James Brooks and they wound up losing the game.

I can’t fathom much worse of a way to lose a game than that one, especially in a rivalry game. Arizona went from 7-1 to start the year to losing four straight and finishing 7-5. The win made Arizona State 6-6 and barely bowl eligible. Luck really was on their side in this one.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing from here on out on extra points most of the arizona players won’t just stand there anymore and will instead push against the d line

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LFHZJGW4Y6KIH725OXU2FN6V3A Joel

    Last year U of A won when Kyle Williams muffed a punt late in the game, so the special teams karma has evened out.