Iowa fans dress as Jerry Sandusky for Penn State game (Picture)

Five Iowa fans dressed as pedophile and former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky for Saturday’s Hawkeyes-Nittany Lions game in an act that can be described as nothing short of disgusting.

Penn State student site Onward State shared the photo and says the five fans were making their way to Kinnick Stadium prior to the game when the photo was snapped. The five fans are in black-and-white striped jail suits and have nameplates on the back that say “J. Sandusky.”

It’s absolutely horrifying, stupefying, and embarrassing that some people would take what Jerry Sandusky represents and use it in the context of a sports joke. There is nothing funny about pedophilia. Child sexual abuse is no laughing matter. There is nothing to poke fun at Penn State about for covering up the scandal. And there is no excuse for these students to dress up in such a costume and laugh about it. The same goes for the woman who took a picture with them and apparently found the whole thing amusing.

At least someone in Iowa has a brain. A University of Iowa spokesperson told LBS that the fans, who attend a high school in east Iowa, were approached by the Dean of Students and informed them that their choice of apparel was inappropriate. They were asked to remove the inappropriate items of clothing and we’re told they complied.

Screw on your heads straight people and realize that this is not something you turn into a sports joke to mock an opponent.

NOTE: A previous version of this story misidentified the five fans as University of Iowa students.

Photo via Onward State/Twitter

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  • http://twitter.com/CoronadoBruin CoronadoBruin

    Do you know what’s sadder than this, Larry?  The fact that PSU football wasn’t given a five- or ten-year death penalty.  What these students did is to remind us that we feel collegiate football is more important than the health and safety of our children.  And you’re making money off of our misplaced values with this article with your histrionics.  That’s more pathetic, as well.  What the Iowa students did is nothing compared to the PSU students who rioted when JoePa was fired.  JoePa, as a knowing enabler, was as guilty as Sandusky.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.malin Anthony Malin

    This is a disgusting act.  While many from the Bible belt may feel that Penn State should be punished further, they ignore the students that attend the school.  This is nothing more than midwestern and southern values gone astray.  Look at the mother and father laughing encouraging their kids to act as perfect fools.  Christian values of the midwest no doubt, ruining our country’s moral fiber in the most hypocritical way.  No wonder we have such a radical political system. 

  • http://twitter.com/Kid_Named_Trey Trey Easter

    as a current psu student i can honestly say everyone has the wrong perspective of our student body.  Thon, a STUDENT ran organizaoin, has raised over 89 million dollars for childhood cancer.  Our unniversity is so much more than a football team.  the media just potrays it that way…. dont act like you know everything.

  • kcikpord

    Well at least the Iowegians are consistent. This little stunt is really par for the course with Hawkeye fans, and totally within character for them. They sure do know how to take the CL right out of “class.”

    Haven’t shed a tear for Penn State. They got what they deserved. But this vile display by Hawkeye fans is absolutely disgusting.

    “Ha! Ha! Ha!, kids got raped. Isn’t that just the funniest thing?” Ah, the Hog-Eye mind at work.

    Little wonder why Gopher fans chant “Who hate Iowa? WE hate Iowa!!!” at every home game no matter who the opponent is.

    Hope the Iowa Dean of Students severly disciplined these Hunyucks and but them all on probation.

    Know any Hawkeye fans? Ask them about the incident in the Metro Dome restroom a few years back. That little scene was oh, so like Iowa fans.

    Glad Penn State chewed them up on Saturday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caroline.redbrook Caroline Redbrook

    Why didn’t the above PSU posters and the student body riot to have the football program get the much-deserved Death Penalty instead of being outraged over a prank?  What’s disgusting is the posters that find this harmless prank disgusting, but have no concern for the Sandusky victims.  Twisted, perverted sense of priorities there.  I, for one, am thankful to have “Midwestern and Southern values” that find pedophilia revolting and abhorrent.

  • Christopher Kulik

     Nice try asshole.  Your football program flourished for 15 years because of those in charge, who only cared about profit not the health and safety of children.  PSU and its football program can rot in hell like the Magdalene Sisters. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/br.dnk Br Dnk

    Yawn…you are boring me with your high horse language.

  • http://www.facebook.com/br.dnk Br Dnk

    Way to get off subject…

  • MuchoLocoAtHome

    Everybody calm down. The boys are all high school students, not U of I students. They’re good kids, on the honor roll, etc.  It’s close to Halloween and they thought they were being funny. (How many adults will dress the same for Halloween or even profit from selling Sandusky costumes?!) What’s more, the adults in the photo are NOT their parents; their parents did NOT know they were going to dress this way before going to the game. How many of us have made questionable decisions when we were in high school? Geez.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6EKS3CPPANABJUVW5RW22TCMEE Colin

    Four “freshman-looking” kids pull one lame, and obviously sensitive joke, and everyone hates the Hawkeyes.  Talk about a net-net rational, ethical dilemma.  We had a debate at our school as to whether or not Iowa should even host the game, because of the heinous acts of the Penn State football program.

    First of all, those students and anyone wearing disrespectful apparel  were not allowed in the game.

    After the game did anyone else hear the group of Penn State kids chanting “Shower with us” and “We Sanduskied You!”  I do not hold that against the entire university of Penn State.  A few sour apples are going to rise especially when massive amounts of alcohol are consumed over an entire day. 

    Now as for Iowa hosting the game.  By hosting the game the school hurts it reputation by not acknowledging the victims.  Sending a message to the victims would be much more memorable than any monetary gain that the school earned.  However in retrospect, the school looked passed the scandal and helped to support Penn State and its new staff.  PSU will be living in the Joe Paterno shadow for many years to come.  No one knows it better then the current students that will never have a chance to see PSU go to a bowl game or any current player that wanted to play in one.  Those responsible have been punished.  Joe P is dead.  Jerry S is worse than dead.  The penalties should have been harsher because Penn State put football above all else, but how did this article come about tearing down the Hawkeyes?

    Larry there is an excuse, its called being a human.  We make mistakes.  These dumbasses are just as much in the wrong as Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno, or are they?


  • http://twitter.com/Kid_Named_Trey Trey Easter

    its people like you who dont get it.  i love PSU and the football team but dont hold an entire unniversity accountable for a few peoples actions.  come to THON some year and see what we’re all about.  im done dealing with “know-it-alls” like you.  

  • http://twitter.com/DJR1310 DJ Ringgenberg

    Cite a few more of your experiences that makes the actions of these 5 non-UI students “par” for Hawkeye fans please?

  • frankelee

    This gives me a good idea to make a ‘We’re a Culture, Not a Costume’ meme with Pedobear holding a picture of somebody dressed as Jerry Sandusky. Thanks douche! No seriously, you worry more about a prank than you do the victims, and you think somebody making fun of people who covered up a child rapist is horrible while covering a child rapist is super okay! You’re a sad douche masquerading as a human being, off to make some memes!