Erin Drewes Poses for Playboy in Tim Tebow Body Paint

Erin Drewes became a hit on the Internet after an infamous photo of her and Tim Tebow surfaced. Drewes confirmed that she is NOT Tim Tebow’s girlfriend despite all the speculation to the contrary.

The two were students at Florida together and ended up taking a picture, but they never dated. That didn’t stop Drewes from doing an interview with Playboy.com to explain her relationship with Tebow. She says they used to see each other here and there but that was it. Here are plenty of her bodypaint pictures:

Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes

Erin Drewes Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes and friends Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint

In her interview on Playboy.com, Erin answered a few questions about her relationship with Tim Tebow:

ERIN: We are acquaintances through mutual friends and we would see each other here and there. We were standing together talking at a party at U of F and that’s when the now-infamous picture was taken.

GIRLWATCHER: Have you spoken with Tim about this? What does he think?
ERIN: I spoke to him briefly when it first came out. He didn’t think anything of it though. I am sure he gets crazy stories written about him all the time. He must be used to it.

Even if Tebow’s not dating Erin Drewes, he’s doing well for himself if he is indeed dating this chick. Nice job, Tim.

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  • Jeff J

    Just another one of the benefits of being college #1 quarterback. Damn she is hot.

  • http://u.c. Lucia

    I think a girs is interior lovely are esteriory too when is loves but…eyes no look heart no…….

  • RickfromBama

    I know he is a Christian dude and thats cool but how could you pick probably the most hot girl/party girl university in the nation and now stray? I mean this girl is pretty hott but can you imagin some of the super fine ones? I mean Florida invented the bikini, girls down there are just naughtier…makes it hard for the man in more ways then one

  • http://www.thebrianspeer.com Brian Speer

    Wow she is smokin! Wish i could have been there for the body painting session.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurie-Anderson/100002145710924 Laurie Anderson

    #1 Tim is a Christian, #2 Florida has been the team to contend with the past few years, (it has nothing to do with the girls there), and #3 Tebow has had a stellar career and I’m sure he’s had more than 1 girl throwing herself at him. He’s a total gentelman… and I’m not even a Gator fan!!!!!

  • http://vitamind3blog.com Peter Egan

    Why of all people Tebow?

  • jomo

    lol..as if you had a real clue about tebow.
    maybe the guy isnt interested in girls…ever think of that?

    of course you didnt because you dont know anything about he guy.