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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SNL lampoons Mike Rice video in great sketch

SNL lampooned the Mike Rice practice video in absolutely epic fashion. Actress Melissa McCarthy was hosting “Saturday Night Live” for a second time, and she brilliantly played the role of Sheila Kelly, the head coach of phony Division III school Middle Delaware State, for the sketch. Bill Hader played the role of an “Outside the Lines” reporter, and the whole thing was amazing.

The sketch featured brilliant lines such as Coach Kelly threatening to cut players’ ponytails off. Other forms of her abuse included:
Melissa McCarthy Mike Rice

    – Shooting T-shirt guns at people.

    – Throwing bricks at her players.

    – Threatening her players with a baseball bat.

    – Making the players serve her a meal on the court.

    – Chasing after the players in a golf cart.

I completely lost it when Kelly knocked out the teacher with the Taser gun. But the best part was when fictitious coach Kenny Watkins, playing the Eric Murdock role, emerged. Coach Kelly was stalking him like Ben Stiller’s character in “Happy Gilmore.” It was hilarious.

The whole situation with Rice sucked, but “Saturday Night Live” sure knew how to make light of it.

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