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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yeezus Tour commercial airs on Jimmy Kimmel; Beef with Kanye likely staged

Yeezus Tour Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel that media mastermind is at it again.

A few weeks after the “twerking girl sets herself on fire” video was revealed to be a Kimmel hoax, the late-night TV host was back at it with another prank for publicity.

Kimmel was the target of an angry Twitter tirade from Kanye West on Thursday. Yeezus went off on Kimmel on Twitter, calling the TV host names and seemingly getting upset with the comedian for mocking him in a bit. It didn’t make sense that Kanye would be upset over such a small thing, but this is Kanye we’re talking about, so there’s no telling what could make that powder keg explode.

Kimmel played along with Kanye over Twitter, and then teased everyone by saying he had a phone call with West and that you would have to tune into his show to find out what they discussed. Great marketing, right?

Well if you tuned into Kimmel, you sat through his excellent monologue and had to wait through the first commercial break to find out the Kanye story. Kimmel came back from break and explained what happened, but there really wasn’t much to explain. He didn’t have many details about their supposed phone conversation, except that Kanye was calling himself “Pac” as in late rapper 2Pac. So with viewers dissatisfied over the lack of explanation for the supposed beef, the real reason behind their issue seemed to become clear in the next commercial break — it was all a marketing ploy.

A brief commercial promoting Kanye’s Yeezus Tour aired after Kimmel explained the beef, making it seem obvious that the two collaborated on the bit to get some publicity and headlines.

The commercial was just a few different messages in black and white:

Yeezus Tour commercial

Yeezus Tour

Yeezus Tour

Yeezus Tour Jimmy Kimmel

Well done once again, Kimmel. And well done, Yeezus.

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