Lingerie Football’s Liz Gorman hoping league ditches skimpy outfits in the future

What would the Lingerie Football League be without Lingerie? I guess it would just be the Football League, but that might get confusing — you know with the National Football League already being kind of a big deal and all. The LFL has been increasing in popularity lately, with 12 teams in the United States, six in Canada, and four more set to join in Australia next year. My gut tells me the skimpy outfits are one of the main reasons the league has been so well-received, but Liz Gorman of the Tampa Breeze is hoping to do away with it in the future.

“I mean, I don’t like it,” Gorman said according to CBC News in Saskatchewan. “You’d rather wear full clothing. I have a bunch of scrapes on me.

“You look back at basketball, you used to have to wear skirts. Obviously it’s changed, they have the WNBA now. So if you look back, women’s sports has constantly evolved and I think that this sports league is going to end up changing the uniform.”

Yeah, about that. Maybe I haven’t watched enough Lingerie League games, but something tells me the lingerie part is more than just a minor detail. They didn’t feature a full spread in Playboy for no reason. Even if the girls get good enough at football to make the outfits a more minor detail, my guess is revenue would dip quite a bit if they put more clothes on.

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  • Anonymous

    Really? As a woman nothing pisses me off more than see these girls running around wearing nothing, but let’s face it, 99.9% of the reason why they have become so popular IS solely because they wear nothing. It’s degrading. I know a lot of the girls are okay at playing football and they take hard hits….but no offense girls..guys aren’t watching because of the game. Put your clothes back on and get a real job.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a seventeen year old boy, but I agree with you. I think it is shameful, and these girls are terrible representatives of women athletes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stankey-Pockets/100003197881510 Stankey Pockets

    sounds like someone is jealous @BossToss:disqus It’s like a strip club I don’t go there to drink beer and listen to music. this isn’t the WFL, its the LFL. So suit up or quit, because it is what it is.

  • Anonymous

    These girls kick butt!! Nothing at all shameful about what they do or what they wear.These girls are true athletes and take a beating for little pay. Now that is SHAMEFUL!! If you don`t want to wear the uniform,then don`t play and if you do not want to watch,then don`t!!! We won`t miss you!!! Have A Nice Day. that is all

  • Barry Jollensten

    Sorry, but these ladies have a choice and have decided that it takes skimpy atire to please whomever is going to watch this non sense and pay them for it.  This is a decent version of  a strip show.  If they want to go all the way it pays much better.  It’s their choice, so please don’t whine about it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WE2T4EDED33NRUVLCGOEGAN4U Aaron

    If they didn’t wear the skimpy outfits, they wouldn’t have a league or a job… The league is a bunch of crap as it is… Who would want to watch the “Not in Lingerie, Lingerie Football League”? Does this woman not get it? She’s proving the blonde stereotype here… 

  • Anonymous


    What a loser. Get over yourself. Sounds like to me you have a ugly body. Men watch to  see T&A. If you don’t like it to bad, that is the way life is.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MNV7TCJVMKMMQKWTKMKFC4R42Q Joseph C

    The initial draw is the skimpy outfits and the physically fit women. But that only goes so far. It comes down to “Is the game entertaining?” I’d like to see better passing, but yes, it’s an entertaining game.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, well I’m a seventeen year old boy and I don’t watch it because it’s disgusting. That stuff is overrated. People with brains don’t watch women running around in there underwear, embarrassing all the other women in the world.

  • Anonymous

    I think her point is that maybe they should actually decide to have a normal women’s football league, instead of one that’s basically just porn. I, for one, would be glad if they changed to more modest outfits. Then I would feel that the world is headed back towards being proper and decent again. Reminder: I’m a teenage boy, not a grown women.

  • Anonymous

     You must like boys.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I don’t get along with boys at all, and I like girls alot. Just obviously for different reasons than you do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Aufdemberge/100000089271391 Alex Aufdemberge

    No Skywise, people also have a moral objection to it as well, oh wait, do you know what morals are?

  • Anonymous

    I would’nt even be reading this article if the word lingerie was’nt in it! The whole thing is silly including all these funning postings

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPGBXYEEWNVIM46ENMT7NAXUGM Mikeyc

    Nobody makes this woman choose this profession.  If she doesnt like the uniform, she should do something else.  Thats like saying, I dont want to work at Burger King cause I dont like the smock.  Easy fix, get a job someplace else.
    And someone would be glad to have her spot.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Glad to see someone with some sense on here.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y4FVVVLFZE5IG5ATNML2HM3F3Q Dante

    Morals are opion based. Just because you think this is unappropiate doesn’t mean it is. For someone who likes Tosh.O (who makes lude and racist comments on his show daily) you have a pretty narrow minded and harsh outlook on this topic.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y4FVVVLFZE5IG5ATNML2HM3F3Q Dante

    You are just happy to see someone else that conforms to your ideals of a society that can not think for themselves or freely express themselves as they see fit.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see the NFL take interest in starting up a WNFL league to run in the summer/off season.  I think these girls have something to offer and the talent would get better as the years go by and the pay gets better. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YJWVSCVAXNFKWTYM5JXVYNYCXY keith

    Hellooooo, it’s the LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!! You knew that & still chose to join. Why do you now want to be an activist??? Go join the “T.U.L. Thermal Underwear League”, the Minnesota Long Johns may have a spot for you. And for the record, there IS a football league for women who just want to play the game how its played. (pads & all) That 17 y/o boy could take your spot in the LFL…

  • Anonymous

     You’re a teenage boy?  Congrats.  You are well on the way to becoming yet another sissified man in this country.  You’ll be running some woman’s personal errands in no time.  Tampons are in aisle 5.  LOL!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4NXZIVQONSWFEKIFI4VKYHDLWY Wayne

    Most of the women in the league were n porn or posed in a magazine.  So Im pretty sure their dignity is still left in the pages or videos of the porn industry.  If you dont like getting scraped up theres always modeling or porn.  So be pretty, be naked, and be quiet.

  • Anonymous

    So you have him all figured out do you now, Dante? It appears that he is the one going against the grain here. Your the mook that cant think for yourself.  But I guess you have him pegged as self righteous and all that so you made the typical anti religous anti moral comment that all of the loose lipped weak brained non thinking do what the world says is right idiots make. Good job stupid! Anymore original thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    chivalryisunderrated must get beat up a lot by the other teenage boys.  I bet the only refuge he finds are in his female classmates he wishes considered him more than just a ‘friend’.  

    im not watching them perform because of their athletic prowess, im wathcing them  because they are eye candy.  anybody watching porn for the acting?  look, if this league upsets you then dont watch.  if you feel its degrading to women, read up on womens rights because these girls earned the right to do whatever they want to do.  

  • Floyd Byrd

    Or maybe your a grown woman trapped in a teenage boys body…

  • Robert Alonso


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QEJZP26RV7DSFNOC77DTJGQHTI Minnie Mouse

    I see the nice big brain on you chivalrysunderrated. I am sure that you really intended to use the word “their” , but were too busy sword fighting with your other gay buddies to notice your mistake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfmalph Ralph Barron

    First of all I’d like to say….I Love the LFL. These women really know how to play the game of football. I’ll admit, I did start watching LFL because of these knock-out looking chicks running around in their skimpy outfits. And that’s what they are wearing…..skimpy little outfits. I think what really needs to happen is for everyone to stop whining. Someone needs to step forward and do something like redesigning these outfits and design some actual “uniforms”. I mean…I’m no expert designer but I’m sure someone can design something for these women so that they can have more clothing protection but still leave that sexiness. I think these women would rather worry about hanging onto the football than hang their boobs out every time that they get hit or tackle. I’ve grown to love this league because I’ve seen the talent there. These women know how to hit, tackle, run the ball, catch the ball, etc. I feel these women are just as good, if not better, than the NFL men. The women do have one up on the men…..I never heard the women whine like the men were doing during the lockout. My hat goes off for these girls and I have a lot of respect for them. I hope that they will be able to resolve their issues about real uniforms and as long as the LFL is up and running…I’ll be watching. I wish there was a team near my home so that I could pick a home team to cheer for….oh well, the LFL has gained another fan of the league.

  • Thomas Stephens

    I like how masculinity apparently means sexism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Jonathan-Brasky/1532557845 William Jonathan Brasky

    So have you come out to your parents yet?

  • Anonymous

     No different than walking down any beach in Florida. Men are men and women are women- no story here……

  • Anonymous

    Really?  The ONLY reason that anyone watches this game is because of the women wearing lingerie. The guy that said the women players are as good if not better than NFL players is a complete idiot!!  If this gal doesn’t want to wear lingerie anymore then that is great, play naked!  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2362237 Dennis Cox Jr.

    As a dude if I could make $100,000 or even $40,000 playing football while in a banana hammock my ass would sign up in a heartbeat.  Sad truth is there is no league out there for that so I cant. 

    These women have the choice to do it or not to.  If no women were willing to dress like this and play football there wouldnt be a league. 

  • Anonymous

    Your a teenage boy? I think not!

  • Anonymous

    You are all pathetic losers (who can’t spell worth a damn)  for watching women play football in lingerie.  Obviously, if they had the option to play football and get paid WITHOUT having to flaunt their T&A in ‘lingerie’ they would. There is no real ‘choice’ here. Hopefully one day Liz will have that opportunity.

    Meanwhile, to chivalryisunderrated – kudos to you!  You are more of a man than these lame idiots who obviously can’t get laid for real- and therefore have to watch women in bras and undies play football on tv!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    What’s the WNBA?

  • Anonymous

    So, Mr? NFLTexans fan, you want to call the individuals that have posted on here losers?  Not everyone posting here watches this stuff, but if you are offended by the LFL, then you are the one who has an issue with getting laid. I would venture to say that you as well as teenage boy,  chivalryisunderrated, watch the NFL with box of Kleenex next to your chair.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGNMZN4L3QFSYI5QGKMRIMMOS4 Randa

    Once again, have you come out to your parents yet? Is Alex your life friend? You guys really need to tell your folks. Never mind I think I see why now. Is Alex a teacher or coach maybe and you guys fear the laws he has broken with this affair? What else has he broken for you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGNMZN4L3QFSYI5QGKMRIMMOS4 Randa

    If it was such a moral issue why is he even here? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=822986107 Islandgirl Walsh

    hahahahahahha……………..2 funny…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IFE3KJQYFILEQHUQUB5MXITSQI Jash

    Half naked female football….how shameful!!

    I mean ruining a good girl on girl streaptease by trying to throw a sport in the middle of it, it’s just ridiculous.
    Forget this crap, give me real porn.

  • Anonymous

    so r u a gay then?? any hetrosexual teenage male would love to watch this, so this means only one thing.. gay…

  • Anonymous

    so it sounds to us that ur clearly a woman  traped n a mans body, or you just a lil queer, idk which tho, any normal male likes to see a woman in almost nothin, sorry they dont make a mens league for you to sit an watch guys run around in banana hammocks for u to stare at… gay..