DeAngelo Williams lashes out at angry fantasy owners

Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams had a bad game along with the rest of the Panthers’ offense on Sunday, and the seventh-year player lashed out against his angry fantasy football owners after the team’s 16-12 loss to the Seahawks.

Williams had just six carries for six yards and a fumble in Carolina’s defeat. The poor showing had some fantasy owners sending him angry, foul-mouthed tweets during and after the game, so he responded via Twitter:

Williams hit back at them on two fronts, turning the blame on them for drafting him in the first place. He actually has a point: Fantasy owners who drafted and are relying on him took a guy who splits carries with Jonathan Stewart, and who loses goal-line looks to Cam Newton. That was pretty dumb on their parts.

If you’re inclined to think it’s petty of Williams to respond to his fantasy owners, you might want to take a look at some of the tweets he received from angry fans before judging him.

Look at all the nastiness he received:

Williams isn’t the first player to respond to his fantasy football owners over Twitter, and we hope his message set some of them straight. Most of these angry people would never say a word like that to someone’s face, but they think because they’re on a computer they can be all tough and type something to someone. It’s just indecent to act that way. I’m glad Williams responded, and I hope some of these Internet tough guys learned their lesson.

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  • JamesT32

    Certainly not condoning such behavior in any way, but surely you’re not naive enough to think him actually directly addressing the issue will cause such criticism and taunts to significantly abate in future?  Sorry, but that generally ain’t how it works.  You’re right in that their attacks on him from the relative safety of cyberspace are totally lame, but him bothering to point out that he basically has more athletic ability than all of them combined is just as pointless in the end and is comparable to Obama issuing a statement to the effect that he doesn’t worry too much about criticism levied at him because, after all, no one who doesn’t have at least two Ivy League degrees is in much of a position to judge him anyway.  People are what they are and I’ll likely never be any great fan of social media in general as it only serves to exacerbate this kind hateful and uncivil behavior.  It’s great to be a fan and be passionate, be it about the games themselves or the fantasy stats their participants produce, but Joe Freakin’ Blow has no real need to have direct communication access with an NFL football player and this kind of idiocy clearly proves as much.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/33AYUKFXDEHEKB475A65GYGB3Q Joe

    Why in the world would you draft any RB’s from Carolina????? Unless you picked them in the last 3 or 4 rounds, it wasn’t worth it. None of these guys should ever be considered as starters. That’s not saying anything against their talent, it’s more that the coaches have no idea who will be a better fit for the week. Same thing with RB’s in New Orleans, New England (although Ridley might have won the job outright), or Washington. Learn to draft better and stop blaming the athletes. *sigh*

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4PL3INE76SSLGFVJPVUQ5QXSII Robert

    I would not even reply to these tweets. They all look like dumb immature kids to me. Come on de you bigger than that.

  • Douglass Davis

    Even though he is famous, he is still a human being.

    Very classy response.