An anonymous Jets player thinks the anonymous Tim Tebow quotes were made up

Now, we can officially say this whole anonymous New York Jets thing has gotten out of control. We have heard a variety of opinions surface since a NY Daily News story ran earlier this week in which anonymous Jets players ripped Tim Tebow and called him “terrible.” LaDainian Tomlinson thinks he knows who the secret sources are and Rex Ryan thinks they’re cowards. Another player feels as though the Tebow quotes were fabricated, but he too has chosen to remain anonymous.

That’s right, an anonymous Jets player reportedly believes the anonymous quotes about Tebow are fake.

“That one right there, we don’t know if that necessarily came out of the locker room. We think that was made up or that was from an old story that he took and rewrote it again,” the new anonymous player said according to Metro. “We don’t think that came from here and was recent. Whatever one comes from in here has a name on it, like the [Matt] Slauson one. We talked about it and moved on. But we’re not buying all this spin that is coming out right now and we’re not necessarily buying that the quote came out recently or even from this locker room.”

Bart Scott already implied that he believes the quotes could have been fabricated, so why would one of his teammates chose to remain anonymous in saying so? Was the player afraid to offend Manish Mehta? Wait, am I actually trying to sort this out in my head? We’re well beyond that point. Carry on…

H/T Deadspin

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OXRLQZZFE5JTY75HFKRYOLTFRY Steve

    To the Jets, please trade Tim Tebow to a team that will let him play at least once in a while.  Why trade for him and sell a bunch of jerseys, just to have him on the sideline.  I say send him to Jacksonville where he will have a chance to see the field at least a few times a game.  Rex Ryan is a horrible coach.  His mouth is only outsized by his stomach.  The Jets are an average team year end and year out.  They are like the Chiefs.  As far as Tim being horrible.  When he got a chance to play regularly, he turn around a 0-4 Broncos team and won a playoff game.  Not bad for the first year he got to play.  He may not be Payton Manning, few are, but he is good enough to get more playing time with a quarterback like Sanchez who is completing less than 50 percent of his throws.  Wild cat my but Rex Ryan.  You run the pussy cat offense.  Send Tim to Florida and Rex Ryan to Weight Watchers.