DeSean Jackson shows Crips gang sign on Instagram

DeSean Jackson Crips

DeSean Jackson continues to rep his “Nayborhood” proudly.

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver shared a photo of himself on Instagram dropping his crew’s gang sign. You can see him throwing up his Crips sign with his left hand.

This is the second time we’ve seen DeSean throwing up the sign. Back in Philly’s Week 1 game against the Washington Redskins, he was seen throwing up his set on DeAngelo Hall when the two were beefing. He did the same sign only with a different hand:

DeSean Jackson Crips DeAngelo Hall

At the time, I was told what an idiot I am, how that’s not a gang sign, how white people don’t know anything, and that he was just doing a “cut it out” type of motion. Well, I wonder what all those people have to say after seeing this picture of him doing the exact same thing.

Many of his fans seemed to know exactly what he was doing, because a lot of them commented “nayborhood” or “NH” or something similar on the picture.

There are so many different Neighborhood Crips gangs I’m not sure which one DeSean represents, but he obviously still shows his connection to it. And come on, DeSean, you live in Tarzana now. South of Ventura. And you’re still throwing up a set?

Photo: Instagram/DeSean Jackson

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  • Battle Rap Blog

    thats the rolling 60s

  • Ella

    He’s wearing a red hat. Red is a Blood color. There are a lot of pictures of him in red. Kind of crazy for an alleged Crip to be doing.

  • True Story

    He’s not a gang member at all. You’re dumb as hell if you believe that he really is.

  • Kenneth Ray Lowe Jr.

    reppin your neighborhood is different than being in a gang… you can rep your hood and so can gangs both red and blue… In Portland where I’m from we had a sign for NEP… north east Portland…. used by both reds and blues. Not anything new.

  • ImSoFly01

    Its 2014 and You sound stupid! Obviously you not from LA! Red & Blue is nothing but a color nowadays. Its all about neighborhoods now!

  • PleaseKillMe

    I’ve heard of them. Are they part of the Crips? (I am a lame white guy).

  • Battle Rap Blog

    Rollin 60s Crips from LA… I think the Crenshaw area… Popular Rapper Nipsey Hussle is also a part of the gang, who has had a gang injunction running against them for years by the LAPD Gang Unit

  • Battle Rap Blog

    Go watch a Nipsey Hussle video… a Notorious Rollin 60s Crip, same “Set” that Jackson is doing the handsign for…. he has plenty videos wearing Red, Camo(a Damu/Blood Color) and many other colors… the days of Crips not wearing Red and Bloods not wearing Blue are over… look at The Game… wears any color he wants

  • Battle Rap Blog

    but when his Record label is spelled JaCCpot, and he has it tattooed on his back spelled with two Cs… the cops are gonna be on you

  • Roy

    The cops are gonna be on you? LA Police said in a statement DeSean Jackson is not in a gang! Shouldn’t they know? Especially since he’s from California!!!!