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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dez Bryant reportedly supports his new rules, wants to change

Has Dez Bryant finally learned his lesson? Time will tell, but it appears the 23-year-old wide receiver is taking the necessary steps toward turning his life around off the field. As we told you on Sunday, the Cowboys have implemented a set of rules that Bryant must follow during his personal time and hired a security crew to basically tail him around. The team wants him to stay out of trouble, and from the sound of it Bryant is on board with their decision.

“Dez came to light, himself, based on a couple of instances that happened with other NFL players,” Bryant’s advisor David Wells told 103.3’s Ben and Skin Show according to the Dallas Morning News. “He realized that he wanted to make some changes himself. He wanted to put some people around him that could also be there in case something happened, they’d be able to attest to what’s going on with him.

“…He came to me and said, ‘Hey, man, can you help me? I want help. Could we get a group of people that can sit there and advise on what to do with my life? I picture myself to be not only a great football player but a great role model and a father.’ Those are the things he wants to do.”

Wells added that Bryant will not have a strict curfew like the original reports indicated, but instead that he will be accompanied by a “credible” person if he is out late. He also said Dez is “100 percent behind this.” While it’s obvious that some sort of policy has been put into place to assure that Bryant remains on the right track, Jerry Jones denied that the Cowboys have created rules for their former first-round pick on Tuesday. He said they have simply urged him to “conform to good behavior” and make better decisions.

It’s possible that Jones is playing coy because of potential salary cap violations that could arise, but that shouldn’t be a major issue since Dez is reportedly paying for his own security detail. Whether he is or not is really not relevant, as long as the Cowboys can present it that way.

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