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Monday, May 21, 2018

Jets reportedly limiting Tim Tebow’s off-the-field commitments

Now that Tim Tebow is playing in New York, he’s even more of a top draw these days. Everybody, including a random church in central Texas, looks to take advantage of his massive popularity. But that’s a troubling sign to the Jets, who, according to FoxNews.com, are reportedly looking to minimize Tebow’s side engagements so he can focus mostly on football:

All-in-all, Tebow is now considered a “No. 1 get” for Manhattan and LA party planners, insiders told FOXNews.com.

But with that, he has become prey for the paparazzi, with the Jets reportedly trying to curb the attention.

“The Jets are trying to limit his endorsements and off the field commitments to ensure his focus remains on the field. If it becomes distracting, it could affect the team,” an insider told FOXNews.com.

“There is definitely jealously among players if one starts earning too much money off-the-field, and after Tiger Woods, all sponsors and endorsers are increasingly skeptical,” the source alleged.

But another source close to the athlete shot down the rumors as being “not true,” and said the team wasn’t trying to limit Tebow’s endorsements or social presence.

If it is true, it gives a glimpse into where the Jets’ priorities lie. Apparently, they were OK with Mark Sanchez running around Manhattan chasing tail and posing in bathtubs for GQ, but when they feel Tebow might get distracted, they reportedly try to intervene. And given how this could be seen as preferential treatment, it would be interesting to see how the prima donnas in the Jets locker room would react.

So, yeah, it’s pretty clear the Jets need to be featured on “Hard Knocks” again this year.

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