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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pacman Jones and Ludacris beefing over funny neck brace picture

Pacman Jones neck brace meme

Pacman Jones has beef with Ludacris over a funny photo the rapper posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Luda posted the photo you see above on his Instagram along with the caption “#nowthatsludicrous”.

Considering that’s Pacman in a neck brace in the bottom right corner — with the implication being that the heavyset woman injured his neck — the Cincinnati Bengals player was offended. After all, Pacman suffered a season-ending neck injury during the 2010 season and ended up in the brace.

Well Pacman didn’t like being part of an insulting meme, however humorous it may have been.

In response, he sent the following threat to Ludacris:

Pacman Jones Instagram

Chill out, Pacman. Can’t you just take one for the internet on this? It’s not like we haven’t had plenty of laughs at your expense in the past.

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