Sahel Kazemi Likely Committed Murder Suicide with Steve McNair

Well if this ain’t a jacked up story, I don’t know what is. When Steve McNair was found dead on Saturday afternoon in Nashville, he was found killed along with a 20-year-old woman named Sahel Kazemi. Kazemi works at Dave and Buster’s and apparently had been messing with McNair the past few months to the point where he bought her an ’07 Escalade. Initially police were saying it appeared to be a double homicide but the latest details indicate it’s a likely murder-suicide.

McNair was found with multiple gunshot wounds including a fatal one to the head. Kazemi was found with only one gunshot wound and a pistol close to her body. Add up that evidence plus what the Nashville public informer said — that they’re not chasing down any suspects — and you have to believe it was a murder-suicide.

According to Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend, McNair had been telling Kazemi that everything would be perfect between them even though Steve was married and had a family. I’m guessing that this was one of those scorned lover scenarios where she wanted more than he was willing to give and she therefore plugged him. As for Steve, let him serve as a lesson for other guys out there that this is what can happen if you mess around with something on the side. Be careful.

Sahel Kazemi Pics courtesy of Bumpshack

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  • Shari Giles

    What is very strange to me is that news reports are claiming it took a long time to find the semi-automatic gun because, it was underneath the young woman. I am no expert here by no means but wouldn’t it be impossible to shoot ones self and fall on the gun. I mean most people who shoot themselves are found with the gun still in there hand even after falling. There is some science to it. I hope you have an expert who can explain that to me. I believe what happened is someone made it look like a murder-suside and put the gun under the young woman to make it look like this. How sad this whole ordeal is. You are right when you say to be careful who you have on the side. I am a woman and I believe it goes both ways. Great Blog by the way!

  • Jeff

    I totally agree with Shari. If she shot herself standing up there is no way she would fall on the gun. Also they can tell by forensic how close the gun was to her head when she was shot, That will be key. If you read the comment on her ex-boyfriend Keith Norfleet my space it’s evident who commited this murder. He talks about when you loose something you love you become a nothing. He definently has self esteem issues. I think after he realize that she was dating a rich man the chances of him competing was slim. He loved her to death if you no what i mean. In a few days he will be arrested. I garuntee you.

  • carol

    Whatever happened between the two of them will probably never be explained. We all know that more than likely it was love triangle that went wrong. In my opinion, women will never learn that if a man is married, chances are he is not getting divorced especially when there are minor children involved. He probably could afford it, but what would he look like at 36 years old leaving a wife and four kids for a 20 year old. Men cheat simply because they think they can get away with it. She laid it on him and he got whipped and then realized that she was unstable and wanted to break it off. This was probably not his first affair. He got the wrong one this time.

  • MrRealMan

    Of course it’s possible to shoot yourself and then fall on the gun. When a person falls it’s a million ways they can land. In some cases the gun will land beside the victim, in other cases the victim can land on the gun. It’s not likely, but not impossible. I think Shari & Jeff you guys watch too much t.v. But I do agree that it’s possible someone else did it. Maybe the ex-boyfriend, or maybe the wife put out a hit…. who know’s… I don’t.

  • Lina

    I could conclude that Steve was just tempted when he first saw this 20 year old, as they usually ate on the place where she served them every time they went to ate with his family, and because this teen knows that this man was rich, she grab the opportunity of using him for her own personal interests and there was possibility that her ex-boyfriend has a great knowledge of their relationship and secretly kept on monitoring their affairs where and when they met together what time and how many days Steve would come to visit her, and my clue that maybe the ex-boyfriend came inside the house without their knowledge and just wait for the right time to do what he plans for them, or some other closest friends who come to visit this teen. But only i could say that for every wrong decision we make there was always a consequences to reap.