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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Urlacher for Ocho Cinco, Anyone?

Commenter JS emails in with the most intriguing proposition. As a Bears fan, he suggested to me, a Bengals fan, that the teams swap problems and trade Brian Urlacher for Chad Johnson. Honestly, upon further review, Urlacher for Ocho Cinco could be the apotheosis of a win-win trade. There are several reasons why this trade would be only too perfect for each team. For starters, they’re each Pro Bowl players. There is no question that you are getting one of the Top Five players at their positions with these two guys. They’re each currently unhappy with their status on their teams. Urlacher is skipping workouts and wants a new deal. Ocho Cinco wants to go to a different team where he can start over. Why not swap them?

Now that Bernard Berrian has signed with Minnesota, the Bears have lost any sort of playmaking ability they might have had on offense. They truly need a game-breaker — someone who can provide Rex Grossman a serious target, someone who can put fannies in the seats, and I don’t just mean Greg Olsen. The Bengals on the other hand have one of the weakest linebacking corps in the league. They had to sign Dhani Jones who was cut by Philly because they were so thin at the position. What’s more is that each team is dealing from a position of strength, so it’s not like they would lose too much. The Bengals still have All-Pro T.J. Houshmandzadeh at WR, ditto for the Bears with Lance Briggs at LB. Now honestly, given all this information, tell me one reason why these teams shouldn’t be on the phone ASAP working out this deal. Broncos and Redskins dealt Champ for Clinton, right? Why can’t this work?

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