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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hank Haney responds to Tiger Woods: ‘It’s a fair and honest book’

When Tiger Woods found out that Hank Haney was writing a book about his experience coaching the golfing legend, there was not a pleasant reaction. Tiger flipped out, saying the book was “unprofessional and very disappointing.” That was quite the stretch considering the book hasn’t even been published and Tiger hadn’t read it. Well Haney responded to Tiger this week, describing his book as fair and honest.

“I feel like it is a fair and honest book,” Haney told Chicago Business. “I know he said it is “unprofessional.” I don’t know how you can make a comment like that without reading the book. I think I had an opportunity to write an unprofessional book, but I don’t think I did. I feel like I wrote a fair and honest book.”

Asked if he felt Tiger should be worried about what’s in the book, Haney considered the possibility.

“Maybe. (Mr. Haney then took a long pause.) The truth is the truth. There are quite a few things in there that people will find as surprises.”

Haney also says Tiger reads everything and that he expects him to read the book. That’s how it works for most athletes and coaches. They all say they don’t read or pay attention to what is said about them, but that’s not true. Many of them are aware of what’s being said, and in Tiger’s case, he wasn’t happy about it.

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