Rocco Mediate shares story about Tiger Woods stiffing him on autograph

Rocco MediateRocco Mediate recently shared a story about Tiger Woods that gives us an interesting glimpse at the golf legend’s personality.

Mediate sat down with Golf Channel’s David Feherty for an interview on “Feherty” (Mondays 10:00 p.m. ET on Golf Channel) last week and said he still hasn’t had a chance to chat with Tiger about their dramatic playoff at the 2008 US Open. Woods, playing on a bad knee that would require season-ending surgery, sunk a birdie putt on the 72nd hole to tie him with Mediate, who was in the clubhouse at -1. The two played an 18-hole playoff on Monday to determine the winner. Tiger again made birdie on the last hole of the playoff round to tie Mediate. Woods then beat Mediate in a sudden-death playoff hole to win the tournament.

Battling Woods head-to-head for the entire day is Mediate’s biggest claim to fame. So when he saw Tiger the next year at the 2009 Players Championship, he was hoping his competitor could give him a nice personalized autograph.

Mediate told Feherty that he placed a manila envelope containing a pin sheet and great photo of the two of them on the course together that day. He said he included a note asking Tiger to sign the pin sheet and write a personalized message on the photo.

Mediate returned from his round at TPC and saw the envelope sitting in his locker. He was eager to read what it said. When he opened it up, he saw there was nothing written on the pin sheet, and that Tiger only signed his name on the photo without leaving a message. He was disappointed to learn that Woods ignored his request.

“Why wouldn’t he just go, ‘Roc, you suck, you got lucky for six days. I had a broken leg’ … just mess with me, and then sign my pin sheet so I could put the damn thing on the wall and say, ‘Almost got the guy that day,'” Mediate said to Feherty.

Mediate says he threw the picture away.

“I could go buy one of those pictures if I want one,” he told Feherty.

As bad as the story sounds, Mediate said he wasn’t sharing the story to bash Tiger, but to “tell you how this guy’s programmed.” Mediate also says he’s still one of Tiger’s biggest fans.

“I love the way he does his job.”

If you want to give Tiger a break here, you can say he was in the middle of a tournament and was too busy to worry about jumping through all of Mediate’s hoops. Or maybe Mediate should have asked him personally to sign it so that he got it right. Or maybe this story shows just what Rocco thinks: Tiger is just wired that way.

What do you think?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Spero/100000208592110 Frank Spero

    i’m a tiger fan and heres what I have too say about rocco’s run in abouty tiger;
    “snotty little bastard” tiger not rocco (PS also a big fan of rocco)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MRhedeydeBethlen M Rhedey de Bethlen

    Tiger is a professional golfer. He doesn’t owe anybody anything. Nothing has been handed to him. Nobody has handed him anything. Nor does he expect anybody to do so. And he is not going around the clubhouse at every tournament asking anybody for a similar request as Rocco did. Some guys might enjoy doing that for a peer. Others really just come to their job, do their best and go home. And phenoms like TW are wired differently. they really are. Be happy to be living in these times where you can actually see a phenom do his thing, even if it’s only on TV. Phenoms come along once every hundred years or so. Most of them are probably pricks but they’re still a sight to behold.

  • Hacker 16

    Not surprised.

  • James McLarey

    Tiger Woods is an asshole!

  • Doktor doom

    I am a Tiger fan too…BUT he could have and should have given some of his time to Rocco given that his duel with Rocco was so significant to Tiger’s legacy…Does Tiger have to? No…Is it petty not to? Yes…So…he’s a self-absorbed prick…a surprise? No. I just try to enjoy the golf!!

  • New Yorker

    I’m a big Tiger fan but he is a schmuck off the course…

  • Dale

    Maye he should have asked him to sign a pair of sexy panties, that would have gotten his attention.

  • Mexoplex

    are @#$%^&* serious? This bitch is crying that he didnt get a specialized autograph?!
    @#$%^&8 you sir! @#$%^& you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.hess.33 Don Hess

    Actually you could not be more incorrect. All of today’s professional golfers owe more to the legends that came before them than they can ever repay. Woods is excellent at the game of golf, but he flunks the game of life.

  • theslowrider

    This isn’t much of a story. The real story is how Tiger treated his beautiful ex-wife and children!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    No he doesn’t. But you just showed that you suck at life. And M Rheday got it exactly correct, you tool. Tiger, just like Michael Jackson, had a father who used him for his own benefit- while keeping him from experiencing anything close to a normal childhood. It made him strange.. and it manifested in his actions later in life. But you being the almighty know-it-all, here to judge others as though you’ve never sinned… just go off like a fricken clown-boy. Probably because it makes you feel better about your own miserable life with no claim to fame. sad little fella.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    No he’s not. But you sound like one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    Really? And you know this .. how?? Idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    You still crying about that? What a friggin pansy you must be. He sure as hell paid for his sins, now didn’t he?? Who are you; God? You gonna beat that dead horse forever?? Or do people get to pay their penance and then try to do better going forward. People like you are so freakin small.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    You’re a moron. You obviously have ZERO ability to utilize reason. You only speculate, but condemn Tiger on your moronic assumptions. Brilliant. No wonder your moniker is the stuff of children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    I say your article is a complete POS. You hurl false accusations around as though you interviewed the other party involved… or you are simply a dumb-ass.. or you dislike Tiger. Most intelligent people don’t take such a leap of faith – when they are denigrating/ assassinating someone’s character as the end result. Slow news day? And to hell with the guy you chose to play the part of Simon Bar Sinister in your effed up hit piece based on an idiot’s summary of events. Or… do you get paid for traffic generated?? Controversy is great/ facts don’t matter?

  • Tx Iceman

    You are really coming off as a Tiger obsessed homosexual. Probably need to get a life…Just sayin.

  • theslowrider

    Sounds like YOU are the one acting like God.

  • Dan

    Wow Tony T, a little bit up Tiger’s ass? You are a real sporty name caller there. Relax and get a life. Turn some of your high powered cut downs on yourself, then they would be accurate. You are laughable

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t really care about Tiger’s personal life or his personality. I like to watch him play golf. He is good for golf. If he’s not in contention I rarely watch anymore. Other players may not like him, but I assure you they know that he puts money in their pockets. When he doesn’t play, I’m not the only one who’s not watching.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brent.mccarthy.92 Brent McCarthy

    So who’s the tool. TW has had too many marital inidelities to count. Too many examples of mistreating those who’ve served him, “Wait, I tipped that waiter a dollar, I thought it was a quarter. Damn I hate so Suzan B. Anthony coins.” And too many examples of poor sportsmanship on the course, (don’t like my shot, bang or throw club, or swear on national TV). He may be the greatest talent this sport will ever see. He wouldn’t make it into my circle of friends. And Tony T. You mad bro? Mr Hess only took three sentences to make his quite valid point. You, however, went all nuclear, getting personal and nasty to a complete stranger. Bad form brother. Perhaps MMA or WWE is a more appropriate sport for a man of your convictions.

  • guns4870

    Tiger is paid to play golf and not win a popularity contest – deal with it.

  • James McLarey

    Ooooooo! Brilliant response! So, How often do you suck his cock?

  • James McLarey

    It’s not a matter of anybody owed anything. It’s just plain old acting like a human being. I think Tiger is the best golfer in this generation, no doubt….possibly EVER! It doesn’t make him a great PERSON. He has a long way to go in that regard.

  • TexasR

    Tiger is a droid. Go back and look at the early “60 Minutes” stories about him when he was little. He’s a cold, calculating, excellent specimen of a golfer. He was programmed by Earl to be just what he is. Golf takes focus, and machines focus. They could probably name a degree of self-imposed autism after him. Lack of social skills and cue recognition.

  • raydar

    After I read this story, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rocco is stranger than Tiger.

    An autographed picture? Really?

  • Sylvia Richardson

    What in the he!! does that have to do with this topic? Really? You
    Tiger haters need to move on. Elin is with her billionaire boyfriend and
    luxuriating in the $100 million she got in her divorce settlement from
    Tiger. So, she’s not exactly suffering, considering that she was a nanny
    before she married Tiger. Moreover, does anyone sincerely believe that
    she would have even given him a second look if he wasn’t Tiger Woods?
    Elin has said since the scandal broke in 2009, that Tiger was always a
    wonderful father to his kids, and she has no reason to lie, so that part
    of the equation is moot, especially since all reports indicate that
    they get along just fine in the co-parenting of their kids. Tiger is now
    involved with Lindsey Vonn. So, if Elin and he have both moved on, why
    in the he!! can’t you and the rest of the haters who keep bringing up
    this subject?
    I truly wonder why electricity companies are
    needed in this world, since the saints and angels that comment on these
    sites should be able to supply all the light we need from the halos
    surrounding their sanctimonious heads. By the way, Oklahoma can surely
    use your help to light the areas that are in total darkness as a result
    of that catastrophe, and to heal the injured, which I am sure you should
    be able to do with your godly powers!

  • Sylvia Richardson

    Facetiously speaking, we know this because the media delves into EVERYTHING Tiger, so if he was involved in a popularity contest, we would have known it by now!

  • Sylvia Richardson

    I like your honest reply. I, too, am a huge Tiger Woods fan and I also like Rocco Mediate, although I’m not sure why he brought this particular story to light five years after-the-fact. However, I do believe that Tiger should have signed his pin sheet, even if he said something like “You really didn’t believe that you would beat me today, did you?” Rocco seems to have a sense of humor, and I think that it would have made him chuckle more than anything else.

  • Dee D

    I know — really self serving. He would have used it later to brag that ” Tiger gave me this at the end of the match that I almost beat him”, also, he would later try to sell it for thousands of dollars.

  • Chump Buster

    What a nice little boy Rocco is. Isn’t he cute?! Should have been pissed
    that you lost instead of idolizing your competition!
    All who enter a tournament should do so with the expectation of Winning!
    If not, don’t enter,
    Probably made Mr. Woods uncomfortable.

  • Chump Buster


  • New Yorker

    I have heard stories in San Diego/La Jolla over the years of what a lousy tipper and how standoffish he is…This is from people who are waiters, bartenders etc…

  • Chump Buster

    It got mine.

  • td

    Woods has NO CLASS.This is exactly what kind of person he really is. The sories about him are endless like him being a notorious NON Tipper at resturaunts etc

  • joe1cr


  • joe1cr

    The game of golf was played before Tiger and it will be played after Tiger exit’s as it has since Jack, Arnold, Hogan and Snead left the tour.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t doubt that, but it’s a fact that TV ratings go down significantly when Tiger is not playing or in contention. When people stop watching,, companies aren’t going to spend money on advertising, etc. It has an effect. You’re going to have to have someone who captures the attention of the public. I don’t see anyone who can take over for Tiger. Bubba Watson has a lot of charisma, but he’s not on Tiger’s level. Rory McIlroy started off well, but he’s having his problems. I don’t think he’ll ever capture the attention of the fans like Tiger at any rate. Stars drive the sport and the money that follows. Yes, golf will continue, but how many people will be interested in watching it is an open question.

  • epatton714

    Leave Tiger alone you bunch of raving maniacs. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • epatton714

    O.K., I’ve settled down now. I just get so sick of Tiger bashers. The simple truth is I would not bother to watch golf on TV without Tiger making it interesting. Jeeez Rocco-grow up.

  • epatton714

    So what are you just sayin???

  • Robellini

    TW is a great golfer warts and all. We don’t get to see the peccadilloes of other men. Like the mark of Cain, TW wears his sins on his forehead. The rest o us humans get o hide it, keep it to ourselves, etc. No man is pure. TW just wears his life’s crap on his sleeves and has been doing so since he was a child. You love reading about him and writing about him, admit it. The reasons why ratings sky rocket when TW is leading on Sundays is because we marvel that someone can get away with so much short of committing a crime. I would still be hiding under my bed had my character be outted as this man.

  • theslowrider

    Wow, what a hater. God bless you!

  • s zimmy

    The Level of venom here is comical…….Who really cares if he is a Great Golfer……YES Or a gracious person?(Maybe maybe not)He doesn’t pay my bills;;;TOO MUCH hero worship.Folks need to worry about what really matters and not such Arcane nonsense

  • Tx Iceman

    Oh sorry, did you see that group of words before I wrote just sayin. Those form a sentence. That’s what I was saying. Let me know if you need more help. :)

  • alcorprop

    This sounds like something Rocco should have kept to himself. It’s hard to tell this story without sounding worse than the person you’re complaining about. I bet Tiger didn’t invite him over to play ping pong or X-Box.

  • Blackstuff

    Much to do about nothing. What do you want from the Guy ‘Tiger’. Rocco it sounds like to me that you are a lonesome dove looking for something. You lost the tournament, Tiger owes you nothing. If you had won, would Tiger wanted the same from you, I think not.

  • Chelo

    I think he should have asked personally for it.

  • disqus_W7GLrNUn0X

    Like or hate him he moves the meter like no one else. I really find (I am a Tiger fan but) ,this person is really funny I think he says that to get his/her post read, one line of praise then a paragraph of hate….too funny