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Thursday, May 24, 2018

SpinMax’s Aunt Barbara Lockwood Shoots Two Holes-in-Ones in Same Round

I’ve been playing miniature golf since I was five and I still haven’t sunk two aces in the same round. But someone did that on a real course in Lake Placid two weeks ago. That person also happens to be the aunt of the venerable SpinMax. Barbara Lockwood defied the odds (67 million to one they say) by picking up a couple of aces in the same round, and she shared her story:

I was screaming and jumping up and down, and the lady that was with Logan, she was saying ‘Girl Power!’ On the second one, I got up on the green and was waving the flag back and forth.

It was crazy. I called my nephew in Ohio, and he couldn’t believe it, he was going crazy because he never had one. And then I called my 90-year old mother after the first one, in her nursing home.

The nephew in Ohio? That’s right — SpinMax. Poor guy. First he can’t shoot the buck in his backyard, now he has to see his aunt pick up three aces before he gets one. Maybe next round will be your lucky day. Just make sure your aunt splits her lottery winnings with you afterwards.

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