Johnny Manziel hangs with Playboy model Dallas Nicole


Johnny Manziel is not letting any of the haters drag him down. Following another week of criticism and talk about Manziel partying too much, he decided to unwind by spending his 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas. What better way to do that than with a Playboy model?

While in Vegas, Manziel hung out with Dallas Nicole, who is one of Playboy’s feature models for the World Cup. We would speculate that Dallas is Manziel’s girlfriend, but we know by now that Johnny Football loves kicking it with incredibly hot models without making things official. Remember when he went to the Texas Rangers game with Kyndal Kyaire?

Like Manziel, Miss Dallas has done the whole inflatable swan thing in Vegas.

She also has this whole thing going on, so good for Johnny:

What a weekend warrior.

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Pictures of Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Savage:

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  • SpinMax

    looks like he will end up in dallas after all

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Annnnnd we have a winner, folks

  • Annie

    She looks old enough to be his mother. Beer goggles?

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