Basketball prospect Tony Farmer collapses while receiving prison sentence (Video)

Tony Farmer, one of the top high school basketball players in Ohio, collapsed in court on Tuesday while receiving his three-year prison sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend.

Farmer plead guilty in July to kidnapping, robbery, assault, and intimidation of his ex-girlfriend in an incident that took place last April. Farmer listened to the judge sentence him to three years in prison for kidnapping and two years for felonious assault, and thought he was going to jail for five years. Farmer was so shocked he collapsed and had to be helped up by a sheriff. The judge then explained that the sentences would be served concurrently.

Farmer’s lawyer was expecting his client to receive probation after pleading guilty. The sentence will be reviewed after 180 days.

Two teachers spoke at the hearing on Farmer’s behalf. Even his ex-girlfriend said she didn’t want him to go to prison, but that hardly mattered to the judge. After watching video of Farmer abusing his ex-girlfriend, it’s easy to see why.

Parts of the incident were captured on tape by the camera system at the victim’s apartment complex. You can watch it below via Action News 19:

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According to Rivals, the 6’7″ 220-pound forward was offered scholarships by Illinois, DePaul, Penn State, and Xavier. He was also recruited by Michigan and Michigan State. Farmer was entering his senior season at Garfield Heights High School in Cleveland, but he’ll now be headed to prison.

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  • bigmother

    Obviously another athlete who thought he was above the law.  Too many of them get away with this stuff time and time again as adults/parents do this sicko stuff of idolizing a 17 year old who can score 20 points or throw a football 50 yards.  I was looking at the internet last night and a recruit for QB at Syracuse was suspended in Section 5 in New York for his unbelievable behavior against another school(basketball game)  What did his parents do?  Well, they ignored the obvious unbelievable indiscretion, denied the whole thing and went and got a lawyer who also is deaf, dumb and blind.  Amazing and so sad.