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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Don’t **** With Zdeno Chara

I haven’t followed the Boston Bruins much since they got rid of my boy Joe Thornton, but I know they acquired Zdeno Chara and subsequently signed him to a free agent deal. And this much I know about Chara: he’s 6’9″, 251lbs, and he’s 100% Czech. Oh yeah, and if you mess with him, bad things happen. Just ask David Koci (warning, this video is not for the light at heart):

Koci making a donation to the Red Cross = greatest line EVA. I’m guessing a few of Chara’s punches landed on both Koci’s helmet and face, and that’s why Chara was examining his hand afterwards, and why Koci’s face was so bloody. Whatever. Lesson be learned: don’t *** with Zdeno Chara.

(Thanks to FanHouse for the vid)

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