14-year-old golfer Tianlang Guan called ‘Chinaman’ by news anchor George Faust

Tianlang-Guan-MastersOne of the most incredibly stories from the 2013 Masters was 14-year-old amateur Tianlang Guan playing well enough to make the cut. Augusta National has humbled some of the greatest golfers of all time, but Guan was able to shoot 4-over through his first two rounds. To make it even more impressive, Guan made his way into the weekend after being assessed a one-strike penalty on Friday for slow play. He finished the tournament at +12.

Naturally, the entire country has been talking about the 14-year-old’s amazing performance. That doesn’t mean everyone has discussed it in an appropriate manner. As you can see, sports anchor George Faust from KLFY in Louisiana referred to Tianlang as a “14-year-old Chinaman.”

Not cool. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who did not know that “Chinaman” is not an appropriate term for a Chinese person, but it’s the responsibility of a news anchor to know. Faust would probably like to have that one back.

H/T Deadspin

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  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    It’s acceptable. The anchor meant no harm. No malice here.

  • Nicole A

    Who cares what he meant? I’m sure Don Imus had no malice either.

    It’s improper nomenclature. If this guy wants to be an announcer, he should keep current on these types of things.

  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    I care. Saying Chinaman was not offensive. If it makes you feel better to make a issue of it, go right ahead. Don Imus made an insulting joke. There’s nothing here like that.

  • bridgebuilder78

    Oh my, the anchorman ought to head to Jefferson Parish and ask the folks there if ‘Chinaman’ is an acceptable term. I bet he’d get shot in the face if he were to call the late and the great Sheriff Harry Lee a ‘Chinaman’.

  • joe

    Sounds like kevin likes to burn crosses too. What lack of empathy toward your fellow man