Brent Musburger drools over AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (Video)

Brent Musburger may be 73 years old, but he’s not too old to recognize a hot young lady when he sees one. The ESPN announcer and his broadcasting partner, Kirk Herbstreit, absolutely drooled over Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, when the young lady was shown on TV late in the first quarter of the BCS National Championship Game. The two were also quite impressed with McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner.

Musburger didn’t offer up a line quite as memorable as his “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State,” but the whole conversation was pretty funny.

“You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women,” mused Musburger. “So if you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football around and throwing it around the back yard.”

There actually is some precedent with Musburger reacting to attractive ladies in the stands. Remember the time he discovered Jenn Sterger and the Florida State cowgirls?

After all the facetime Webb received Monday, she could probably have any modeling job she wants. She was about all ESPN had left to salvage what was turning into a blowout of a game.


UPDATE: ESPN apologized for Brent Musburger’s comments

Previously: AJ McCarron confirms Katherine Webb is his girlfriend

Video via @cjzero

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  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/535519-nick-p nick price

    Katherine Webb Steals the Show in BCS Championship Game

  • James Nabors

    5 year signing totals per team, so basically Alabama recruited and cut one extra recruiting class in the same 5 year period:

    Alabama 133
    Notre Dame 104

  • bruce barrett

    oregon and alabama shoulda been in the bcs championship game.  this turned out to be the joke of the year.  or texas a and m. norte dame was just plain out of their league.  oregon and texas a & m would been a great game.  perhaps 1000 points.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1228484394 Carole Berry

    The writer thinks the assisine coments re: this woman were “funny”.  I thought they were very unprofessional.  Brett Musburger must go, he is a total AH

  • Charles lester

    Oregon really??haha Joke as well ;) Maybe LSU, Texas A&M or Georgia!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.hines.545 Matt Hines

    Anyone that has children knows that Musburger must go. He went way over the line with his disrespect for this young lady.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.kindel.7 Shane Kindel

    Musburger did go over the line. Very classless and really a little creepy. It was not humerous at all, announcers should stick with the game.

  • cbd58

    Everybody getting on Brent Musburger needs to get a life.  The game was turning into a rout, the camera focused in on AJ  McCarron’s girlfriend and he made some entertaining comments.  If people think he was drooling, than they have the bad thoughts in their minds.   He made the comments as a joke and partly because Kirk Herbstreit was a quarterback.

  • melungeontn

    I think AJ is getting a little to big on himself and the comments about his girlfriend just added more icing to his big head.  First of all if I had two teams players  to get into it on the field and I was winning as much as Alabama then those two guys would be sitting out the rest of the game. I don’t care if he was the quarterback and his girlfriend was Miss America.  It should be the comments on this team and not the people in the stands…IWAS an Alabama fan until last night……

  • James Pearson

     I agree. I think she was dead on with her response. She did the old man a solid by saying she took it as a compliment because it was about beautiful not sexy. Besides that , the bitch is hot hot hotter than hot. Cut the old man some slack. His eyes still work yall!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MABJTUPEK7Y2K7M6RXHYIUYFGQ Hennley

    come on people, there is NO story here, move on to something with substance – Musburger was trying to inject a little levity into what was a pathetic display of a championship game, he made funny comments, he did NOT demean anyone in any way – my god, what the he11 happened to thick skin, funny comments, and people not getting their panties in a wad over every little thing, why are we so intolerant?

    if the lady isn’t offended, neither should you people…sheesh

  • Justin Kyle Blevins

    You’re a bandwagon fan, we don’t need you. You’re either 10, or have never even been to Alabama.