Chris Berman Rocking the Mustache

Football season is back which means it’s time for four months of anchor Chris Berman’s Sunday NFL Countdown and fastest two minutes in football! Before you get too giddy, we’re here to warn you that the Berman you may be expecting won’t be there. Instead, you’ll see a retro version of Berman rocking the old school stache which seems to be a combination of part Dave Wannstedt, part Bernie Lomax. Check out the Chris Berman mustache pictures present day vs. past:

He called it the Ron Burgundy look but I think it’s just old school. It’s no John Axford, but it’s not bad, Boomer.

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  • johnny jihadist

    perhaps the most VILE of all the insufferable bristol dewshbags

    in a 400 channel universe, the staff of larrybrownsports never touches that dial

  • Anonymous

    If I hear a total of 10 minutes of this egomaniac this season it’s 10 mins too many. -mute-