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Monday, May 21, 2018

Leroy’s Sports Betting App Coming to Droid, Already on Blackberry

Great news for all you gambling degenerates out there (and yes, I know that’s like the entire LBS audience), there will be increasingly more ways to lose money betting on sports. For residents in Nevada, the Leroy’s sportsbook has been offering a betting app through the Blackberry since September. The app was approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board last week and deemed “problem free.” The next step as pointed out by The Wiz of Odds is building and approving an app for Android phones. Not sure when it’s coming for iPhones.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Leroy’s, they run the sportsbook at Hooter’s, Sahara, and Riviera in Las Vegas. They often offer different odds from what’s available on the rest of the strip because most other hotel’s sports books are linked and thus share the same odds.

The one catch of course is that your phone’s GPS must say you’re in Nevada in order for the app to work. Though many people do their sports betting with offshore casinos, advancements like this make it more likely for people to do keep their betting with American sports books. And who knows? Maybe the droid app will be ready in time for folks who want to do Super Bowl betting.

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