Video: Chris Paul Alley-Oop to Blake Griffin

When Blake Griffin learned that Chris Paul was being traded to the Clippers, the first words out of his mouth were “lob city!” Griffin knew that CP3 is one of the best passers in the game, and that his alley-oops to Tyson Chandler were legendary. Paul had some nice alley-oops to DeAndre Jordan in the team’s first preseason game Monday night, but we didn’t see the Chris-to-Blake show until Wednesday. Here’s a look at what you’ll be seeing the rest of the way:

Lob city baby. Thanks to @Jose3030 for cutting the video.

DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Three Dunks, Two from Chris Paul (Video)

Let’s not get excited. The Clippers may have beaten the Lakers by a considerable margin in an exhibition game on Monday night, but that’s why it was an exhibition game. Okay, you can get a little excited. 

When Blake Griffin first got the news about Chris Paul coming to the Clippers he acted like an excited 12-year-old who just realized he and his best friend got drafted by the same YMCA team. Yeah! Lob city! The man who took the phone call was DeAndre Jordan, and while most people are talking about Griffin and CP3 it looks like Jordan is going to shine in the new offense as well.  Check out these three dunks that Jordan threw down against the Lakers, two of which were alley-oops from Paul:

NBA Finals or no NBA Finals, this is going to be an exciting team to watch.  When they get going on offense it’s going to be almost impossible for opponents to match the Clippers’ athleticism.  With guys who can finish like Griffin and Jordan and someone who can set them up while also posing a threat to shoot from anywhere on the floor, Los Angeles (B) could quickly switch places with Los Angeles (A). Blake was right: the Clippers are no longer a joke.

Vinny Del Negro Says Chris Paul Will ‘Lose a Few Pounds’ With Clippers

With all the back-and-forth that has taken place regarding Chris Paul this offseason, it would not be surprising for the Clippers’ new superstar to be a bit out of shape.  If CP3 has not been as focused as he should be over the past few weeks, who can blame him?  One minute he’s being traded to the Lakersm and the next he’s staying put.  Fear not, Clippers fans: Sergeant Del Negro is going to whip his new superstar point guard right into shape.

“He’s gonna lose a few pounds, he’s gonna feel a little bit better,” Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said when asked about Paul after this weekend’s scrimmage. “Right now, when you come in, the play-sets are a little bit different, the terminology’s a little bit different. It’s easier, because he’s been around and he knows a lot of this stuff. In this game, if you’re a step slow, you’re in trouble. Every day, he’ll get a little bit more comfortable.”

I respect that Del Negro is trying to talk about Paul like he’s just one of the guys, but I can’t help but feel like he’s trying to show who’s boss.  The people of Los Angeles are hoping CP3 can rescue the Clippers, not vice versa.  Considering he is one of the best point guards in the game, the system will be adapting to Paul.  If he doesn’t fit in fairly quickly, Del Negro will be without a job.

In other words, nice try.  Paul may lose a few pounds if he is still getting into shape but the play-sets and terminology will wind up being whatever he’s comfortable with.

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Video: Blake Griffin Flips Out After Learning of Chris Paul Trade ‘Lob City’

The Clippers pulled off what could be a franchise-changing trade Wednesday when they dealt three players and a pick to the Hornets for Chris Paul. FOX Sports West had a camera around when some of the players learned of the deal, and let’s just say they were pretty ecstatic. Center DeAndre Jordan received a phone call while the team was visiting the Los Angeles Air Force Base, and Blake Griffin kept leaning over to hear the news.

Here is the video that Eric Gordon doesn’t want to see:

Two words: Lob City.

Chris Paul Needs to Pick Up Option to Make Trade Worthwhile for Clippers

Two league-rejected deals later, the Clippers and Hornets reportedly have agreed to a trade that sends Chris Paul to Los Angeles. The initial deal between the teams was rejected by the league, but the newer version replaced Eric Bledsoe with Eric Gordon.

As it stands, the Clippers are receiving Chris Paul and two future second-round picks. The Hornets are receiving Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman (and his expiring contract), and Minnesota’s unprotected first-round pick.

Gordon averaged over 22 points per game last year, and he was quickly becoming one of the better shooting guards in the NBA. The Clippers will have a hole at the shooting guard position, but they have an overflow of point guards. They have CP3, Mo Williams, and Eric Bledsoe. They also have Chauncey Billups, whom they claimed off waivers, but they may buy him out of his contract. Billups was already upset the Knicks had amnestied him, so he probably won’t want to play the two, or be a backup.

The Clippers now have Chris Paul, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan in their starting lineup. They may play Randy Foye at shooting guard unless they can trade Mo or Bledsoe for another two-guard. That is their weakness for now, but they still have a good team.

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Chris Paul May be Traded to the Clippers

The NBA canceling a deal between the Lakers and Hornets involving Chris Paul wasn’t enough to discourage the Clippers from pursuing a similar trade.

According to the LA Times, the Clippers are close to a deal that would send Chris Kaman, Eric Bledsoe, Al-Farouq Aminu, and a first-round pick in the 2012 draft to the Hornets for Chris Paul.

The Clippers reportedly were pursuing a deal for Paul prior to the failed Lakers trade, but they were reluctant to include Eric Bledsoe in a deal. Somehow New Orleans may be interested in what the Clippers are offering even if Bledsoe is not included. That is a joke, because the Clippers are not offering very much.

Chris Kaman is making $12 million but his contract is expiring. Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe were both top 20 picks a year ago. One would figure the allure in the deal is the first-round pick New Orleans is acquiring — an unprotected selection from the Timberwolves. Still, this is Chris Paul we’re talking about. The Clippers are hardly giving up anything of value. Chris Paul could opt out of his contract after the season and become a free agent, but for what the Clippers would be losing, it would be a worthwhile trade.

It would be hard to believe that the NBA could block Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and a pick for Paul, but that they’d approve this.

Danny Granger Calls Himself “Sterns B***h” After NBA Nixes Chris Paul Trade

The Hornets and Lakers agreed to a trade on Thursday that would send Chris Paul to L.A.  Unfortunately for Jack Nicholson, it has been determined that the trade is unfair to the rest of the league.  Since New Orleans is a team that is owned by the league, the 29 owners of the team had the ability to veto the trade and did just that.  Naturally, Paul is unhappy as evidence by his tweet that read “Wow” after it was announced that the deal is off.  It appears Pacers forward Danny Granger took it personally as well.

“Due to the sabotaging of the LA/NO trade by David Stern,” Granger wrote on Twitter, “and following in the foosteps of my athlete brethern Metta World Peace and Chad Ochocinco, I’m changing my last name to ‘Stern’s Bi#&h’, effective immediately.”

Danny Sterns Bitch?  It definitely has a better ring than Metta World Peace, but I’m going to have to give Chad Ochocinco the nod over Granger.  Granger just loves to throw the b-word around.  If you remember, he said his own team played like a bunch of b****es after a loss to the Pistons last season.

At the moment, the vetoing of the trade does seem completely ridiculous.  This isn’t fantasy basketball.  The Hornets agreed to the deal because they obviously thought it was the best package they could get in return for CP3 — who clearly wanted out.  Yes, the thought of him in a Lakers uniform is a frightening one.  But it’s not like L.A. gave up nothing.  They were shipping Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom to New Orleans, which would have left their front court quite depleted.  It will be interesting to see what the next move is from the league and the teams involved.

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