Dwyane Wade can’t jump and got rejected by Tiago Splitter (Video)

Not long ago, Dwyane Wade was one of the best and most explosive players in the NBA. That day, though, is long over.

Wade has very little explosion left and can’t jump the way he could when he was younger. He’s been dealing with knee injuries the past few years and his lack of hops has shown. Take what happened in the third quarter Sunday of Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Wade drove baseline against San Antonio and went up to dunk. A few years ago, this would have been a poster moment for him. Instead, he realized he couldn’t dunk and went for a layup. Tiago Splitter got credit for a block even though he probably should have been called for a goaltend.

Tiago Splitter Dwyane Wade

It’s really sad at this point, though it’s something you could see coming. LeBron James shorted himself when he chose to go to Miami and pair up with Wade, who was older than him despite being in the same draft class. He should have known Wade was going to age and he should have teamed up with younger stars. Now it’s costing him a possible championship.

Dwyane Wade has his toenails painted black for Game 5

From wearing capri pants, absurdly skinny jeans and shoes with no socks, to being called a “Groomzilla” by his fiancee, we already knew Dwyane Wade was a “metrosexual” to put it generously. But were you aware of his toenail painting habit?

Three years ago we passed along a quote from Wade about the first time he asked for black nails during a pedicure.

Wade says he always has his toenails painted black, but there was still a stir when ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted the following before Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday:

You could see how people would be rolling their eyes over that one.

Dwyane Wade black toenails

When Wade shared a photo on Twitter of his black toenails a few years ago (seen above), he called it “Rockstar” ish. He better play like a rock star for the Heat, otherwise they’re toast.

Dwyane Wade lazy defense in NBA Finals compilation (Video)

If you feel like Dwyane Wade has been a weak link for the Miami Heat during the NBA Finals and longer, this video will definitely support your position.

Dwyane Wade defenseOur friend Dylan Murphy put together this compilation video, and it shows Wade playing some incredibly lazy defense during the Finals. He’s often loafing it down the floor and the last guy to get back on defense. He doesn’t locate his man well. He wasn’t keeping track of his man well. He was getting out-hustled all over the place.

If you’re wondering why Manu Ginobili had so much success in Game 1, look no further than Wade’s bad defense as the reason. Seriously, his lazy defense was constantly exploited by the Spurs.

I don’t know, maybe Wade’s knees are seriously limiting his effort here. Maybe this is all he can do. But it sure doesn’t seem like it. And no matter how you look at it, it’s certainly putting the Heat at a disadvantage.

Dwyane Wade gets call on blatant flop on Manu Ginobili (Video)

Dwyane Wade flopSome may call Dwyane Wade a wily veteran for some of sly tricks he employs on the court. Whether it’s a subtle kick to an opponent or a blatant flop that gets a call, Wade does what he can to get the edge. And on Sunday, he got a call by putting on a great acting job.

Wade got the ball in the second quarter and was being guarded by Manu Ginobili, who swatted at the ball in an attempt to get a steal. Wade jolted his head like he had been struck by Ginobili, and he got the call.

Ginobili couldn’t believe it, and neither could Gregg Popovich. Replays later showed that Ginobili was nowhere near Wade’s face! About the only thing that could have knocked Wade out was his own elbow on that reaction!

He got the call in the game, but Wade will probably be penalized by the league for that display.

Dwyane Wade executes perfect Dream Shake on Tim Duncan (Video)

Dwyane Wade Dream ShakeLook, it’s pretty simple: If you execute a Dream Shake to perfection during an NBA game, you will end up on LBS. And Dwyane Wade just faked Tim Duncan out perfectly with an awesome Dream Shake early in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday for the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs.

Do a Dream Shake that well and you definitely get recognized by us. Do it on a national stage like that, and you’re just a goddamn American hero.

Duncan should know better, too; he’s done the Dream Shake as well as anyone else in the past.

Dwyane Wade wears white flood pants and high black socks


Dwyane Wade absolutely loves letting his ankles hang out. With all the weird outfits the Miami Heat star wears, it’s most common for him to find a way to highlight the ankles. After his team’s Game 2 win over the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, Wade wore white capris/jorts/shants and high black socks to go along with a white blazer.

Earlier this postseason, Wade had his pants rolled up and wasn’t wearing any socks. He looked like a tool, but we’ve grown used to that. There’s no telling what D-Wade will bust out if the Heat get back to the NBA Finals.

For more past Wade fashion follies, see below:

Dwyane Wade wears overalls, rolled up pants to Game 3
Dwyane Wade wears capri pants
Dwyane Wade wears tango-colored outfit
Dwyane Wade’s super skinny pants
Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants
Dwyane Wade wears glasses with no lenses
Dwyane Wade wears jacket with floral pattern

Photo: Twitter/Brian Windhorst

Lance Stephenson’s knee injury comments about Dwyane Wade taken out of context

Lance StephensonComments from Lance Stephenson about whether he wanted to be physical with Dwyane Wade during the Eastern Conference finals made it seem like the Pacers guard wanted to injure his Miami Heat counterpart, but that’s not at all the case.

Stephenson was moved to apologize/clarify his remarks after his original comments were taken out of context, making him look bad.

According to Pacers.com writer Scott Agness, Stephenson was asked Saturday “do you want to be as physical as you can with Dwyane Wade or whoever else you’re matched up against?”

Here was his response via the Indy Star:

“D Wade, I think his knee is kind of messed up, so I have to be extra aggressive, make him run,” Stephenson said. “Tell coach to run ‘floppy,’ make him running around, make his knee flare up or something. Do anything as much as possible; make the games come easily for us.”

Totally reasonable response, right? Doesn’t at all make it seem like he has malicious intent … just a strategic move to take advantage of a situation.

The problem is when outlets start chopping up the quote, it makes it sound much worse. For example, this account tweeted the following to their 165k followers:

All of a sudden Stephenson looks like a bad guy whose intent seems malicious when it’s not. That’s all because the “make him run” part of the quote was omitted.

As a result, Stephenson felt the need to tweet for the first time in nearly a month to clarify.

“They are the champs. They are the high water mark. We are here to beat them. We don’t try to hurt anyone but we are going to go after them and do all we can to beat the champs,” he wrote.