Dwyane Wade executes perfect Dream Shake on Tim Duncan (Video)

Dwyane Wade Dream ShakeLook, it’s pretty simple: If you execute a Dream Shake to perfection during an NBA game, you will end up on LBS. And Dwyane Wade just faked Tim Duncan out perfectly with an awesome Dream Shake early in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday for the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs.

Do a Dream Shake that well and you definitely get recognized by us. Do it on a national stage like that, and you’re just a goddamn American hero.

Duncan should know better, too; he’s done the Dream Shake as well as anyone else in the past.

Dwyane Wade wears white flood pants and high black socks


Dwyane Wade absolutely loves letting his ankles hang out. With all the weird outfits the Miami Heat star wears, it’s most common for him to find a way to highlight the ankles. After his team’s Game 2 win over the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, Wade wore white capris/jorts/shants and high black socks to go along with a white blazer.

Earlier this postseason, Wade had his pants rolled up and wasn’t wearing any socks. He looked like a tool, but we’ve grown used to that. There’s no telling what D-Wade will bust out if the Heat get back to the NBA Finals.

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Photo: Twitter/Brian Windhorst

Lance Stephenson’s knee injury comments about Dwyane Wade taken out of context

Lance StephensonComments from Lance Stephenson about whether he wanted to be physical with Dwyane Wade during the Eastern Conference finals made it seem like the Pacers guard wanted to injure his Miami Heat counterpart, but that’s not at all the case.

Stephenson was moved to apologize/clarify his remarks after his original comments were taken out of context, making him look bad.

According to Pacers.com writer Scott Agness, Stephenson was asked Saturday “do you want to be as physical as you can with Dwyane Wade or whoever else you’re matched up against?”

Here was his response via the Indy Star:

“D Wade, I think his knee is kind of messed up, so I have to be extra aggressive, make him run,” Stephenson said. “Tell coach to run ‘floppy,’ make him running around, make his knee flare up or something. Do anything as much as possible; make the games come easily for us.”

Totally reasonable response, right? Doesn’t at all make it seem like he has malicious intent … just a strategic move to take advantage of a situation.

The problem is when outlets start chopping up the quote, it makes it sound much worse. For example, this account tweeted the following to their 165k followers:

All of a sudden Stephenson looks like a bad guy whose intent seems malicious when it’s not. That’s all because the “make him run” part of the quote was omitted.

As a result, Stephenson felt the need to tweet for the first time in nearly a month to clarify.

“They are the champs. They are the high water mark. We are here to beat them. We don’t try to hurt anyone but we are going to go after them and do all we can to beat the champs,” he wrote.

Gabrielle Union: Dwyane Wade is like a groomzilla for our wedding

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle UnionDwyane Wade is one of the most fashion-conscious players in the NBA, so it probably comes as no surprise to hear that he is taking his wedding plans pretty seriously.

Wade’s fiancee, Gabrielle Union, discussed some of her wedding plans with “People” and described Wade as a “groomzilla.”

“We call him Groomzilla,” Union joked to People. “I come in for like wine tasting and food. I’m like: What do we have? What are our colors? What is the date? I’m still waiting for a Save The Date so I know what the hell is going on.”

Does this mean Wade wears the pants and gown in the family?

I can totally see Wade doing this, by the way. I mean you don’t just wear capri pants, overalls and orange jumpsuits to basketball games without also wanting to pick out everything for your wedding, too. It all goes hand in hand. And I do have to say, I can’t wait to see what Wade chooses for his groomsmen to wear. Anyone else thinking hot pink tuxes?

Dwyane Wade wears overalls, rolled up pants to Game 3

Dwyane Wade overalls

Wondering why the the Miami Heat lost Game 3 to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday? Just look at Dwyane Wade.

The LBS Fashion Police and basketball gods were having no part of that outfit. Short-sleeved shirt buttoned up to the top? Why button up to the top if you’re going no tie? What’s that all about? And why are his ankles showing? No socks? Pants rolled up? I’m actually OK with the overalls. Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for that look to come back. But the rest of it? Just atrocious.

Wade, though, isn’t apologizing. In fact, he thinks he’s setting a trend.

“Overalls are coming back. Just like I did with capris. Now everyone’s walking in arenas with their ankles showing,” Wade said after the game via Bleacher Report’s Ethan J. Skolnick.

As Jalen Rose said, we should never see your Achilles’.

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Image via @JonesOnTheNBA

Dwyane Wade flops big time after James Harden fakes him out (GIF)

Dwyane Wade James HardenDwyane Wade was beat by James Harden during Tuesday night’s Houston Rockets-Miami Heat game, so he reached into his bag of dirty tricks to bail himself out.

After Harden caught him with a fake and got past him, Wade pretended like he was hit by a flailing Harden arm and went down for the count. I’m pretty sure this was at the end of the first half and Harden was called for an offensive foul on the play. Hopefully the NBA will review the play and hit Wade with a flopping fine.

And come on, Wade, what’s up with that? Did you see Mario Chalmers pulling any of that crap when Harden just abused him off the dribble on this play?

Maybe Wade learned the move from LeBron, a known flopper who says “any way you can get an advantage.

GIF via @_MarcusD_

LeBron James gave Dwyane Wade some serious side eye after dropped pass (GIF)

LeBron James side eye

You know that look your wife or girlfriend gives you when she asks what the Valentine’s Day plans are and you tell her “staying home and watching you cook me dinner”? Yeah, that’s the glance LeBron James shot Dwyane Wade after a turnover towards the end of the Heat’s game against the Clippers on Wednesday night.

LeBron shot Wade some daggers after he dropped a pass for a turnover in the final two minutes of the game. The Heat were only up 109-105 at the time, so you can understand why things were so intense and why James had little tolerance for mistakes. He didn’t quite go Mario Chalmers on Wade, but that was funny to see.

GIF via GIFD Sports; Image via @cjzero