Eli Manning ‘forgot’ why he didn’t want to play for San Diego Chargers

Eli-Manning-GiantsMany people forget that Eli Manning was actually drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2004. Less than an hour later, he was traded to the New York Giants after he made it perfectly clear that he had no desire to play for San Diego. The Chargers wound up with Rivers, the Giants got Eli and the rest is history.

At the time, it seemed fairly obvious that Eli’s father Archie Manning wanted him to play in New York. That was believed to be the driving force behind his refusal to play for the Chargers, but don’t expect Eli to admit that. With the Giants visiting San Diego this weekend, reporters asked Manning about the infamous trade on Wednesday. His response was classic.

“I forgot, I think,” Manning said, via Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger. “I just can’t remember, it’s been 10 years. It slipped my mind.”

Manning was pressed further when one reporter asked if demanding a trade was simply about maneuvering his way to the right organization.

“Ten years ago, I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t remember.”

Talk about your all-time classic copouts. You would think Manning would anticipate having to field these questions this week and have some better answers than “I don’t know” prepared. Still, he insisted he has nothing against the city of San Diego.

I have nothing against San Diego as a city,” Eli added. “We had our rookie symposium there and besides that, we’ve had a few other things, I know it’s a beautiful city and great weather. There’s a lot of great things to it.”

Eli was traded to the Giants on draft day nearly a decade ago, but don’t expect Chargers fans to let him live it down. He’ll likely be greeted with a chorus of boos on Sunday.

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Jared Allen had the best sack of the year on Eli Manning (GIF)

Jared-Allen-Eli-Manning-sackSome guys just have a nose for the quarterback. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has always been one of those guys, and he took his pass-rushing ability to new heights on Monday night.

Allen was credited for a half sack of Eli Manning during his team’s 23-7 loss in New York. I don’t think a player has ever worked harder or done more to earn a half sack. While being blocked by Giants offensive lineman Will Beatty, Allen somehow reached his arms around the 320-pounder and grabbed Manning by the shoulder pad and jersey. Allen held Eli in place while defensive tackle Kevin Williams came in and cleaned the play up.

It was a lone bright spot in what turned out to be an ugly game for both teams — particularly Minnesota. The Vikings will probably look back at the play later in the year and appreciate it even more.

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Hakeem Nicks: I can’t throw the ball to myself

Hakeem-Nicks-GiantsNo NFL team looked worse over the weekend than the New York Giants did against the Carolina Panthers. Tom Coughlin’s team desperately needed a win after starting the season off with back-to-back losses. Instead, the Giants turned the ball over three times in an embarrassing 38-0 loss. Hakeem Nicks did not see a single target.

After the game, Nicks was asked about his lack of involvement. Rather than chalking it up to a horrible day offensively where nothing went right, he took a veiled swipe at Eli Manning.

“It’s part of the game. You’ve got to control what you can control,” Nicks said, per Charles Chandler of The Star-Ledger. “I can’t throw it to myself. As I’m running routes, I can’t see what’s going on with the line. I’ve just got to look at the film to see that, so we’ll know tomorrow.”

When he looks at the film, Nicks will see that his quarterback was under attack the entire game. Manning was sacked seven times and barely had any time to get the ball out, so he couldn’t exactly make a second, third, or even first read in some instances. When asked if he was open, Nicks gave the following response.

“I feel like I’m always open,” he said.

Nicks caught nine passes for 197 yards in the Giants’ first two games. He was targeted 16 times, so Manning looked his way plenty. Sunday was just one of those days. As you might expect, Coughlin was not happy with what Nicks seemed to be inferring.

“I’ll talk to him,” he told The Star-Ledger’s Connor Orr. “That’s not a smart thing to say.”

Everyone is frustrated after a 38-0 loss. The amount of balls that went Nicks’ way are the least of New York’s concerns at the moment.

Peyton vs. Eli Manning: Who is better at different sports?

Manning Brothers sports

CBS displayed a graphic during their telecast of the Denver Broncos-New York Giants game on Sunday, aka the Manning Bowl, that showed how Peyton and Eli compare from sport to sport. The list was apparently created by Eli, who conceded that Peyton was better than him at golf and baseball. Oh yeah, and darts.

Eli has always been considered a better all-around athlete than his older bro, and says he is better at basketball, ping-pong, billiards, bowling, and running. You know, all the sports that require supreme athleticism.

CBS’ Jim Nantz said Peyton didn’t totally agree with the list, but he did say shuffleboard would be a draw. Oh man, what a site that must be. Watching Peyton and Eli battle in shuffleboard, taking turns pushing pucks and giving each other wet willies.

Eli Manning, Peyton Manning make incredible rap video for DirecTV

Eli-Manning-rap-videoAfter seeing this, I’m officially thinking about making the switch back to DirectTV. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning recently starred in a rap video to promote DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to access their NFL package on your smart phone, tablet, and similar devices.

Yes, I said a rap video. Actually, it was more like R&B. Simply put, there’s literally nothing I can say to make this funnier than it already is. Just watch the video. If you’re disappointed when you’re done, there might be something wrong with you. Whatever DirecTV paid the Manning brothers to make this promotion, it wasn’t enough.


PS: Watch out, Golf Boys. Your music videos are hilarious, but the Manning brothers are coming.

Video via USA Today

Tiki Barber: Eli Manning is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning

Peyton-Manning-Eli-ManningThe general consensus among football fans is that Peyton Manning is a much better quarterback than Eli Manning. Prior to the New York Giants’ Super Bowl campaign in 2007, very few people believed Eli would ever be on the same stratosphere as his older brother. Two Super Bowl rings have made the conversation more interesting.

Because of Eli’s success in the postseason, former Giants running back Tiki Barber believes he has surpassed Peyton.

“The expectation was that he was never going to be Peyton,” Barber said while co-hosting The Morning Show on CBS Sports Radio Network Wednesday, via Eye on Football. “I remember having these conversations with people who watched Eli in college, saying, ‘He’s good, but he’s never going to be Peyton, he’s not Peyton.’ Guess what? I think he’s better than Peyton. Because of clutch. What matters in sports? It’s winning and losing. You get to the stage and what do you do? Eli’s gotten there and he’s won.”

Not only that, but Barber believes Eli could get himself into the discussion of the top-five quarterbacks of all time with another championship.

“For Eli to crack the top five of all time, he’s got to have a 2011 [type] season a couple more times and win another Super Bowl and be Super Bowl MVP, and then I think he’s in the discussion for the top five [quarterbacks] of all time,” he said.

Eli is 8-3 in his playoff career and Peyton is 9-11. Aside from the 2007 playoffs with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton has ultimately struggled in the postseason. He threw a pick-six that lost the Super Bowl for the Colts against the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and threw another interception to seal Denver’s fate in the playoffs last year. Eli has not had as many crucial mistakes in the clutch.

While I personally still feel that Peyton is — and always will be — a much more talented quarterback, Barber has a point. Hardware speaks for itself, and Eli is only 32 and has more of it than his brother. Maybe these latest comments from Tiki will finally give him a chance to reconcile with Coughlin and company.

Eli Manning caressing Chris Mortensen’s head could be the offseason’s best GIF


The Manning brothers always make for a good interview, in addition to being great spokesmen for Oreo Cookies. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen caught up with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning while they were working out at Duke earlier this week, and his interview with them led to one of the greatest GIFs you will see this NFL offseason.

Eli appeared to become bored with how many questions Mortensen had for Peyton at one point during the interview, so he decided to screw with Mort. As you can see from the phenomenal animation that Deadspin put together, Eli got the urge to caress Mortensen’s head and chose not to fight it.

What a couple of jokesters, huh? Between Peyton’s epic prank on Eric Decker on Wednesday and Eli’s stroke of Mort’s head, it appears the Manning brothers are enjoying themselves this offseason.