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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Everson Griffen

Pete Carroll Fake Arrest of Everson Griffen Video Was Truly Ahead of Its Time

When Everson Griffen was an innocent student at USC, Pete Carroll decided to play an innocent April Fool’s joke on his big defensive end. Carroll had a prank set up that involved police officers interrupting a team meeting and claiming they had video of Griffen “physically assaulting a freshman.” The officers fake arrested him, but…Read More

Everson Griffen Nut Grab Led to Tasing

Whoo boy, Everson Griffen may have only registered 11 tackles for the Minnesota Vikings this season, but his performance on Monday easily was good enough to land him on all the highlight shows. Griffen completed the criminal trifecta: he was pulled over for a traffic stop, evaded police, allegedly assaulted an officer, and then was…Read More

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