Frank Gore reportedly angry with Jim Harbaugh over lack of touches

Frank-Gore-NinersSan Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore is off to a slow start in 2013, and that is due in large part to his team’s overall poor play. The Niners have been forced to abandon the run over the past two weeks after digging themselves into an early hole, resulting in just 20 touches in two games for Gore. After Sunday’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the veteran running back was reportedly angry with Jim Harbaugh.

“When things are not going right you get frustrated,” Gore said after the game, via Eric Branch of SFGate.com. “But I think the game got kind of different in the second half and we had to do what we had to do, just throw the ball.”

Last week, the Niners found themselves trailing just 5-0 at halftime and 12-3 after three quarters. On Sunday, they were only down 10-7 at the half. The deficit was not large enough that San Francisco had to stop running the football, but Gore received only four touches in the second half. According to Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Gore had “choice words” for Harbaugh after the game.

San Francisco pounded the ball on the ground all season last year, and the end result was an NFC Championship. Harbaugh may be getting overly confident with Colin Kaepernick and abandoning what the team does best, which is controlling the clock and keeping the ball on the ground. Look for the Niners’ attack to become more balanced going for, starting with a matchup against the St. Louis Rams on Thursday night.

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Frank Gore on Super Bowl loss to Ravens: Niners were the better team

Winning in the NFL on a weekly basis is difficult enough, let alone winning four straight games in the playoffs against the best teams in the league. Generally speaking, the team that wins the Super Bowl deserves the right to be called the best. The Baltimore Ravens earned that right by beating the San Francisco 49ers this year, but Frank Gore is not willing to fully admit that.

“It’s tough,” the Niners running back said Sunday according to ESPN.com. “I just feel like we [were] the better team. They got away with one today. We showed we were the better team. It was just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

Any Super Bowl is bound to come down to a couple plays, but I disagree with Gore that the Niners showed they were a better team. If anything, they showed that they were completely outmatched until the stadium lights went out and things seemed to turn in their favor.

“I think we’re the better team,” Gore said. “[I'm] just happy the way we kept fighting. Any other team probably would’ve just laid down, and we let people know what type of guys we’ve got in the locker room, type of warriors we are. It just didn’t happen for us today.”

Gore has every right to be proud of what his team accomplished, but it seems like we have at least one person who pulls the “the better team lost” card every year. Last year, it was Baltimore linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo who refused to give credit to the AFC and NFC champions. Would the Niners have beaten the Ravens three out of five times if the two teams played a series? It’s possible, but this is the NFL. The team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season is is No. 1.

Frank Gore wears dead Dolphins logo on shirt after game (Picture)

Frank Gore must have been incredibly proud of the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Otherwise, how can you explain the sweatshirt he was wearing in the locker room after the game?

As you can see from the photo above that Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee passed along, Gore was sporting a shirt with a dead Miami Dolphins logo on it after his team’s convincing 27-13 win at home. While the message was pretty comical, I’m not really sure why Gore chose to send it against the Dolphins.

Quality win? Not really. Big rivalry game? No. A lot of bad blood between the teams? Nope. Trash talk traded throughout the week? Again, no. Maybe Gore just saw the sweatshirt somewhere and had to have it. Or maybe he’s planning to bust out a new one every time his team beats a new team. That would be pretty epic.

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Frank Gore: 49ers Are a Great Team, Team to Beat

The 49ers finished the season 13-3 and are tied for the second-best record in the NFL behind the Packers. They earned the second seed in the NFC playoffs and will have a first-round bye. Their success is one of the biggest surprises in the NFL, but it doesn’t seem to be surprising to running back Frank Gore, who believes his squad is the team to beat.

“I feel that we can play with anybody,” Gore told The Jim Rome Show. “Green Bay, New Orleans they great teams, but we also a great team too. You watch our team, that’s an all-around football team. We probably have the best one in the NFC. Offense, defense, special teams, running the ball, throwing the ball, tackling running backs, defending the ball with DBs … I look at us as a whole team, we have the most complete team.”

Asked if he felt like the 49ers were the team to beat in the NFC, Gore said “I do.”

Most people are still surprised by San Francisco’s success and don’t think they can hang with the Packers or Saints. Even though I don’t think Alex Smith is anywhere near the level of Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, I do think the 49ers have a chance to emerge from the NFC. They have the best defense in football, and we’ve seen that no team is invincible. Good defense from the Rams and Chiefs shut down both offenses. Why can’t the 49ers?

Gore and his team should maintain their confidence entering the postseason.

Here is the audio clip from Gore:

Jim Harbaugh: Frank Gore Deserves a Statue for Breaking Niners Rushing Record

All is well in San Francisco at the moment. With four games remaining in the season, the Niners have already clinched a division title. They are well on their way to a first-round playoff bye and have arguably the best defense in the NFC. When healthy, they also have one of the best running backs in the league — a seventh-year player who just became the franchise’s all-time leading rusher. For that, head coach Jim Harbaugh believes Frank Gore deserves to be enshrined.

“There should be a statue to Frank,” Harbaugh said according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “Maybe with the new stadium … A life-size statue of him in one of those cool positions he gets in – about 6 inches off the ground, or a leg going one way, and the other going the other, twisting and turning. It’s just so cool. It’s just so cool to slow the tape down and watch what he does.”

Nothing against Frank, but his franchise record has to be one of the most underwhelming of all time.  Being the franchise leader in anything is an accomplishment to be proud of, but I don’t think I’d go giving a guy a statue when he has 7,396 career rushing yards.  Then again, the coach making those comments was the same one who called Alex Smith an elite quarterback.  Taking it to the next level with player praise is nothing new for Harbaugh.  With a record of 10-2 and an NFC West crown after Week 13, who are we to question his style?

Frank Gore Hip Injury Makes Brian Westbrook Top Fantasy Pickup

What started off as a promising night for Frank Gore fantasy football owners swiftly turned into a Derek Anderson-like tirade. Gore had a 25-yard run to open up the game and he went ahead for another 19 on his next two. After losing a yard on his fourth carry, Gore left the game but later returned on the team’s second drive.

Frank was hurt during his first carry back and did not see action after that. Reports on Monday night were that Gore was out for the season with a fractured hip, an injury that seemingly came out of nowhere. Anthony Dixon became San Francisco’s short-yardage and goal-line back while Brian Westbrook quickly emerged as the team’s feature back.

Westbrook, who previously only had nine yards on five carries for San Francisco, carried the ball 23 times for 136 yards and a touchdown. The 23 carries were the most Westbrook had since week 14 in 2008, and the 31-year-old looked more like the stud we saw for six years in Philly rather than the concussion case he became last year.

The year off of action has left Westbrook with fresh legs and he still appears to have the strong speed and good moves. Playing for a team that likes to employ a conservative ball control offense like San Francisco, Brian Westbrook will become an excellent fantasy addition.

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